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Mystical Writings From A Spiritual Journey Volume Two

In this second volume, Joseph Machney

continues his Mystical Writings From a

Spiritual Journey through seventy-nine

short essays, exploring topics such as

Being Human, Relationships, Love,

Your Life Here, and many more. As the

collection takes the reader through

metaphysical ideas and thought experiments that are designed to challenge and expand their mind, Joseph asks the reader to question their reality and the society that they are a part of with

its many absurdities. As the journey reaches its closing chapter, they are left with a sense of peace and a calmness that is taken a step further through

the last chapter, Trust and Faith. In this final chapter, the reader is asked a self-defining question, do you have trust and faith in the part of you that is Spirit having a human experience and your own path that will you take you back to the ocean that we are all a part of?

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