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The Time of Lemuria

The Time of Lemuria in Two Parts, including the Doors of Dawn Novel

Lost in a time that history forgot, the land of Lemuria. Plagued by war and strife, unabated tension builds throughout the peaceful island of Lemuria as a ruthless wizard searches for the remaining artifacts of power to complete his domination. With the Logan family struck by tragedy and a century old secret revealed, the family is forced to flee a life they loved to train in the art of warriors and magic so that they can acquire the remaining artifacts to defeat the evil mage, Johan. As each of the members of their fellowship embarks on their journey, the lessons and challenges that they encounter are within themselves as much as they are in the dangerous lands that they traverse. The alchemical transformations that occur because of their openness and willingness to understand the bigger picture of their multi-layered reality, cause changes on the island that creates ripples throughout time, while attracting other-worldly beings.

A trinity of shape-shifting owls guided by the full moon play out an agenda with far-reaching consequences. The young ones and old ones need to come together in order to see through the outside forces and how they are able to influence an unsuspecting island through posing as false gods. With the help of dreams, spirit guides, cosmic consciousness, a krystal river, imps with soup and some tasty baking, Sara, Brendan, Treva and their friends must find a way to remove the invading Wycata and their books of prophecy before they make slaves of not only the entire village, but island of Lemuria and the world as well!

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