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 Words from the heart

LauraLou, Oregon, USA

I had my first session with Joe about a week and a half ago, and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I recently discovered (who I very much considered to be) my beloved partner and fiance was actually playing a role of an imposter in my life... he was hiding hard drug use, and was utilizing some intense gaslighting, deflection, and mind control techniques to keep me from seeing the truth, it has been quite challenging and heart wrenching as I navigated the separation and attempted to begin healing.... I was very much still falling into states of intense confusion, doubt, and incoherence as I attempted to ground in the truth, whilst allowing his words to throw me off and spiral me into many different uncomfortable states of distress. I was certainly spiraling and was letting myself be pushed and pulled off my center. I prayed for guidance and assistance.
I was guided to reach out to Joe (my friend Esther suggested that I look into sessionwork with Joe a few months ago, and I remembered her kind suggestion!) and he was able to see me within a few days, I was so very grateful for receiving a prompt appointment. After sharing a bit about what I was experiencing with this relationship, Joe jumped in and greatly, beautifully, and powerfully assisted to clear my 12 bodies of the entanglement this relationship brought up within me, which was going into other lifetimes as well, and helped me understand this wasn't a derailment off my path, but was created to assist me in healing multiple lifetimes of Female suppression, Masculine distortion, and the inability to see my self, my gifts, and my inner light of empowerment.
He helped me feel and trust in my connection with my guides, and feel and trust in my connection with my self, as the relationship with my newly ex-partner created so much self doubt and insecurity within my being... getting the context I needed to help let that doubt clear away was so very helpful! Immensely! I couldn't be more grateful. I was so comforted hearing that in my 11th dimensional body there was compartmentalization that kept my bodies from being severely damaged, and instead was more polluted, and I loved listening to Joe report back the beautiful clearings that took place throughout my 10 lower bodies, untangling me from the entity working through my ex-partner and clearing away the pollution. I've never had such a healing, clearing, and seeing to this caliber, and wow it brings tears to my eyes to reflect back on the sensations, the comfort, the relief I received from this experience.
I look forward to reaching back out to Joe for another session after I integrate all these beautiful retrievals and lessons in deeper. I feel strong, resilient, and am embodying a newfound tenderness to myself, and this beautiful and deeply felt journey we are all on. So many things are not at all what they seem, and even though the initial shock of discovering layers of untruth can be quite destabilizing... I am always enamored with how freeing seeing Truth arise feels like, and am falling in love with that feeling more and more everyday.

Thank you so much Joe. You've helped me to get through this transition in my life with this level of love, compassion, and support has been Lifegiving. With my heart intact, and my passion for healing enlivened, I am ready to face life's challenges with reverence, respect, and no regrets.
Thank you, and blessings to all!

Sylvaine, France

Hi everyone, in the very rough terrain we are moving through, I had several intense sessions with Joe in the past months and today I would like to express my gratitude to him (his team) and my beloved teams. All the sessions were highly beneficial bringing up multiples clearings and cleansing, getting rid of many torture devices, braces and architectures in my multidimensional bodies, also allowing the dismantling of huge imprints of imprisonment, isolation and trauma related to the Catholic church and its indoctrination. During the last session it came up that it was as if I had received ‘injections’ of catholic principles  No wonder I incarnated in France and studied religious architecture…
This work allows me to connect more and more to my truth and to give space for the blossoming of my divine feminine expression which had been heavily suppressed lifetimes after lifetimes. As the patriarchal overlays are also being dismantled, I have more access to a vibrant divine masculine energy. There is still a lot to work on, clear and cleanse but there is a sense of liberation that is empowering. Finally, being able to get more macrocosmic context is also very beneficial, bridging the deep cleansing on self, knowing it benefits the collective is both humbling and energizing. Thank you Joe for accompanying me on this journey !

Claire, Sydney, Australia

It's my pleasure to write a few words about Joseph's work.

Joe is an impressive healer with a very broad knowledge base. His work is of the highest standard and his way of being is an added gift he brings to each session. He truly emanates what it means to be a healer. I came to him with long-term incessant psychic attack, an inability to ground and despair in my blocked heart after years of healings. I didn’t really understand that I was a starseed and I certainly didn’t know what that meant to the planet.

Each of my sessions with Joe have quickly translated to noticeable positive change and I have learned a lot from him about the many aspects of me (us) and about multidimensionality. He has been able to achieve what others have not been able to access let alone correct. Whilst I don’t yet fully understand the broadness of what he is able to do, it is clearly sophisticated and, in part, a product of the beauty of him. I am already so very far from where I was just weeks ago and I have accessed a core level of peace that I’ve not experienced here before. Yay.

I have referred Joe on several times and each person has been as impressed and grateful for his work as I am. Thank you so much Joe. Your work is very important to all of us and it is very inspiring! I also very much appreciate your conservative fee structure. It says a lot about you.

Julie, Washington,


I've had the pleasure of working with Joe now for three sessions, and the healing has been, frankly, quite profound. In the past, I have worked with multiple modalities as a facilitator and a client--but the work with Joseph surpasses anything I have experienced. There has been a synchronicity and connection to my guidance team that has been a beautiful collaboration. He is extremely intuitive and gifted, and our work together with the multi-dimensional clearing and upgrading has shown me instant shifts in my life, relationships.
Joe is a kindred spirit and his sensitive nature helped me embrace the same aspect within myself, seeing it as a strength. For the first time in my life, after our recent session I actually FELT myself 'click into place' so to speak, from fighting my sensitive nature and always seeing it as a weakness, to seeing it as a strength and gift... and LOVING this aspect of myself. The nature of my session work is very personal to me, and I value having a safe place to do this work with someone I know I can trust. Joe, I just cannot thank you enough for your heart, and for helping not only myself, but my precious family. My heart is very full of gratitude and awe. As someone who has been working on the deepest core fear of abandonment, and all the trauma surrounding this wound, I am able to say that I have experienced the most incredible miracles and support from above-- and YOU have been part of that. I thank you from my heart. I realize now that I have never been abandoned.. yeah, I just said that. Thank you God! I am God, Sovereign and I am FREE.

Margaret,  Calgary, Canada

Joe strikes me as both very sensitive, compassionate as well as a well grounded and present person (I find it to be a rare combination). He does not impose his will, neither does he seem to have the impulse to fix the other. Joe embodies a strong commitment to the Service to Others path and is capable of maintaining healthy boundaries between him and his clients. I think it is of great importance in this "line of work" because of all the disempowerment going on within the healer/client dynamics. Both sessions were really powerful and rich with realizations for me. Even though it was Joe who was actively "doing the work" during both sessions, they felt like a multi-dimensional collaborative effort on a grand scale. The effects in both cases were immediate and tangible. I felt serene and clear as well as very aware and present. It felt like I received and integrated substantial downloads that shifted my perception and increased the awareness of my own energy. The new awareness is now assisting me in the areas of energy management and discernment of energies that wish to interact with mine.
Thank you Joe!


Ivy, California,


Having been a long time fan of Joe's healing work, I was ecstatic to hear he was taking appointments again. So I recently booked a session with Joe and wow! I'd forgotten how powerful yet gentle these sessions are! Joe was able to see and address issues that I knew were there (e.g. voodoo energy) but couldn't clear out, explain what the root of some of my health concerns was, and made sure along the way (of the hour and a half session) that I was comprehending what was happening. I've had a chronic cough and breathing issues since last October, and problems standing up straight as well as rapid weight gain since. Although that hasn't cleared completely, it's a lot more manageable now and I suspect further sessions will help solve the problem. Just thanking my lucky stars Joe's back!

Jordan, Utah, USA

I must thank you again.  I cannot believe just the healing aspects of my journey through all the HGS (Hieros Gamos System) sessions and the constant at every moment inner work.  After the session I knew that I hit a whole new plateau.  I awoke this AM to looking back of the 5 years of ES (Energetic Synthesis-online spiritual community) and the two years before that since 2015.  I can see how though out this whole time that I was going through the 5 stages of grief.  I have finally done enough healing to get to the acceptance of it all.  Not to say that there isn't more to go or levels but to feel my childhood finally and completely behind me now.
You were a big part of this pulling the major parts with your holding space at my ugliest and offering forgiveness, loving guidance and boundaries.  

Linley, UK

 I have had two sessions with Joseph and I can highly recommend him, my awareness with my higher aspects coming more online and feeling definitive changes in all of my bodies towards integration, thank you Joseph for all your help.  His sensitivity and amazing talents have helped me make significant realisations in the layers I've needed to witness and let go of. The physical changes too have been immediate with much relief from blockages dispersing and the subtle energy I can feel for the first time like the energy in my feet and toes.
Everything feels like its moving and flowing and with my intentions to ask for help in specific areas have unfolded for me for deeper understanding. My trust in god, my higher self, in Kystal Star, the ascention teams, the Aurora Guardians have strengthened and the connection feels like home.
Thank you Joseph with all my heart and much love to everyone 

Neils, The Netherlands

Through this message, I would like to share my beautiful experience with a healing session of Joseph, which was profound on many levels. Our current language only allows for an approximation of things we feel on deeper levels and we do not have the proper language (yet) to express ourselves adequately when we want to share feelings and experiences in my opinion, but I will try my best. I did not know what to expect beforehand, but it would have been beyond any expectations I would have had. I was astounded by his kindness, I felt very accepted and welcome, which is a very important prerequisite for any healing work in my view and is an amazing asset to have! You can definitely feel a high sense of integrity present when interacting with Joseph and this is something I value most when doing healing work. Now, there were so many things that were happening that I cannot cover them all, but I will highlight the most touching one. Of course every session is different since every expression of The One is unique, and in my session the focus was on clearing and demanding my personal space (my Home, front door, bedroom). This in itself made a very precious and intimate, personal imprint on my heart that still is with me since our physical houses are our sanctuaries and very important. It has to be that safe space, the place that feels like Home when anything else feels foreign, the place that assists your journey. Since the day of the session, I sense and view my personal space very differently, much more sacred than before and I have never encountered this with any session I had with healing in the past. (This is not a message of me thanking you as I did that after the session already, but still I appreciate this deeply and it has touched me deeply so thank you for that!) My space feels much more clear, light, almost holy and that has had the effect of feeling much clearer in mediation and just whenever I am in my own space. It feels much more like ME, and this has helped me tremendously in coming closer to the eternal essence of ME - the greatest gift that someone can experience in my opinion. In short, this session helped me connect to the deeper layers within me - it helped me to connect more to my eternal essence, the true me and it helped create and prepare a space physically that facilitates this sacred, intimate process. If a session with Joseph would feel resonant with you, I would certainly recommend booking one as you will certainly be rewarded! I will definitely consider booking another session with him in the near future. Joseph - thank you for offering your healing sessions and gifts with the world. It is needed now more than ever! All my love and all the best to all,
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