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Joseph Machney
Love and Wisdom

Metaphysical Author and Spiritual Healing Facilitator

Combining the written and spoken word in an alchemical journey of healing


Laurie, Boston, USA

Today I know myself better than I ever thought possible. My first out of 3 session with Joe was in March upon speaking with Joe I felt understood in so many ways without any judgement. Joe held a beautiful energy of compassion, love, and kindness I could feel deeply within myself. Upon going into the healing process I started to cry.  At that time I was not sure why because he was just setting the space. Later I realized it was the true holy god presents he holds that my soul lovingly recognized and cried with tears of joy to finally be finding my way back home. Joe certainly had his work cut out for him with my son interrupting our session as well all the distortions, reversals, rep tail etc that were running through my field unknown to me at that time just how much was going on. Joe worked so thoroughly and verbally with myself and team with all that was being repaired on a multidimensional level. Joe has confirmed much I though I knew but doubted myself because of all the distortions.  

Ashely, Edinburgh, Scotland

I just wanted to take some time to share my session experience and to give another thanks to Joe and our teams.
I've never had a 'spiritual healer' type session before, so this was my first type of experience outside of doing meditations myself. Joe's session really helped me gain clarity and assisted me in healing from a complicated situation. I could feel the structure of his service and professionalism clearly.
It's been three weeks now since my session and I wanted to give an update. I feel much clearer, lighter and a stronger inner connection. I can also feel the 12D shield so much stronger! There's changes in my lightbody but what's so beautiful is how much more oneness and love I feel for myself and all that is.
I'm grateful to everyone who participated in the session and thank you again Joe for assisting me in my journey.

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Melanie, Costa Rica

I had my second session with Joseph today and wow, words cannot even begin to describe the gratitude I have for the work he is doing to support the starseed/indigo ascension path and for the evolution of humanity.
After my first session in which we worked deeply on the addiction matrix, many incredible shifts happened within my being that supported clearing the way into the next stages in my awakening.
During our session today, he was able to bring together and help me to see the reversal male patterns showing up quite intentionally for me to integrate the masculine principle and neutralize gender polarity. The wisdom and the clarity provided was beyond supportive to step more into the compassionate witness position and understand what I am working to heal/integrate right now.
Similar to my last session, I expect many shifts will occur as I integrate the beauty of this work. As I work to neutralize gender polarity within my vessel, it was such a gift to share space and get support from an embodied Christos male.
Thank you so much for this session Joseph!
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