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Joseph Machney

My journey since 2001 has brought me to so many places physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. These experiences I have channelled into novels that teach lessons about the Law of One and its principals through a fantasy setting.


I also offer multi-dimensional clearing and upgrading sessions. I am able to remove any intrusions and implants in my client's field, trace their origin and bring back any guidance that would further help to understand the source or cause. These can be past life influences, soul fragmentation and other manifestations of disharmonies.

Having met many beautiful people on my path so far, I am hopeful that my experiences can help others to grow and evolve into more than they are now and bring them more peace and clarity.

 I`m looking forward to meeting you!

I will be sending out a monthly newsletter every month, exploring my experience as a spiritual being having a human experience with the hope that my insights may inspire, enlighten, and bring you closer to a sense of spiritual wholeness wherever you are in your journey.

Subscribers to Monthly Musings will receive a free pdf of Mystical Writings From A Spiritual Journey.


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