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Multi-Dimensional Clearing Facilitation

Throughout the years of session work that I have facilitated, clients have reported being more responsive to the energetic work if they go through this short meditation before the session. It is not a prerequisite, but it is beneficial and recommended.

For my sessions, I connect through Skype and allow the person to explain their issue (s). If there is any guidance I am getting to clarify what’s going on for them energetically and spiritually, I will explain it to them at this time. I then open the session by calling all the beings I work with including your guides. You get to hear the entire session as I talk about everything we see.I consider all of these issues to be addressed by your guides and mine and all the beings working with me, and trust and allow whatever is most important for your highest good to be brought forward to be healed.

The first thing is we look for imposters in the field as well as remove any fallen guides from guiding or influencing you. With assistance from the Founder Guardians, Krystal Star races, and all races aligned to the Law of One a new team of beings will be placed as your guidance teams, should that be appropriate. I then begin the session as guided by your teams. We'll bring in 12,13,14, and 15th dimensional frequencies and start clearing your multidimensional bodies from the 11th to the 1st dimension through every sub harmonic (12 sub harmonic for each dimension). I scan what is shown to me for future intrusions in to your being. This sometimes includes  your place of residence or family members and if that is needed they too will get cleared according to guidance. I do not impose my will on how the session should be and allow your guides and teams to take us through the journey. During the session, anything I see that is intruding upon your being is removed. This also allows soul retrieval to happen as well as I go after some of the issues and recover soul aspects or fragments. New architecture and coding if needed from Aurora and Krystal Star races will be installed in your bodies to support and add protection to your multi-dimensions and personal space. There are many layers and levels being addressed during a session.

My fee is USD 100 for 65 min spiritual healing/counseling sessions and USD 144 for 95 min spiritual healing/counseling paid through PayPal. Booking sessions can be done through Payment is expected upon booking, otherwise I will have to give up your spot and defer your session to another date and time.

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