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Elementals of Amazon

As an exiled mage from the Atlantis Mage Council Jacynta leaves the continent and heads to the island of Lemuria to start a new life. But in time she realizes that she cannot run away from her past and all that haunts her. As she tries to seek comfort with the sprites and their lifestyle she connects with their world and becomes a part of their law of cause and effect which manifests quicker than on the seven races plain. Luckily her sister mage Lia joins her in her plight as shadows begin to appear wherever she goes. As the manifestations also bring out shadows in the other races of Lemuria they begin to form their own separated collective entity and Jacynta and Lia must find out how to stop this before it contaminates the entire island.
Seeking help from the Wizard's Palace, Akin and Treva join them and meet old friends at Houtenwoud who are able to help them as well. But the reunion is short lived as guidance from elementals and a Pegasus urge them on to the Amazon continent to the brain of the planet to seek its wisdom and answers in the crystal library.
Through Vision quests and buried memories from their past lives, Jacynta, and her companions are forced to face the layers of shadows that they had accumulated over many lifetimes which make their present reality. The realization brings Jacynta back to Lemuria to face her darkest pain from someone she just met in this life but had played a transformative role in her past lives which come painfully pounding into this one, with Lemuria as the battleground.

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