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The Darkness within the Dwarves

"Seven sins and seven leads you back to spirit and the other chains you in repeating lifetimes...forever."

In the beginning, the races of the island of Lemuria live a life of purity and peace, but a dark clan of dwarves from the south wait in silence for their moment to awaken the seven deadly sins in the races of the island.
When Kyna and Randall, who are disheartened by the greed of their fellow dwarves, come across a cryptic painting and hear a maniacal laughter when they look upon it, they find themselves becoming time travelers who are asked to save the future by changing the past.
With the help of mages, elves, and dwarves, these two brave spirits are forced to look deep within themselves to fight their inner demons and find the truth which leads them and the future on the path to enlightenment.

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