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Mystical Writings from a Spiritual Journey

When Joe Machney awoke in 2001 to a new reality and perception of himself, he began to express his thoughts and feelings through poetry as other aspects of himself came through to express themselves through this human vessel. This experience of self-expression and awareness has been written through thirty-three poems as well as a series of essays that have helped him to articulate his journey and also, at times, as a form of catharsis. Perhaps his journey can help you to find a deeper understanding and some answers to some of the feelings and experiences that you may be going through as you awaken to a deeper self-awareness of Spirit who is within each of us and to the possibilities of other dimensions of existence and how they can give you a more complete experience of your world. And what is a poetry book without love poems? Included in this volume are a collection of love poems that are tender and romantic; of love longed for, love lost, as well as the experience of love and the romance and joy of having someone special in your life....

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