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Shadows From Your Past

Our past is our own and belongs to no one else. Our experiences happened and the days, weeks and months before that moment brought us to that experience. It has happened to show us where we are in our life. The idea that it is not really about us is a strange one and begs the question, then who is it about?

Much in life is finite. It happens as a moment in time and then it is gone. Be it a nice lunch with a friend, time with family, a ball game, or a new car that you enjoy for ten years. Everything has a beginning and an end, which then leads to a new beginning. There is something though that remains, and this is #Truth.

Getting back to the past. The experiences you had were there as a way for the part of you that is infinite to experience life through you. If you feel that bad things have happened to you then perhaps consider that through your localized perception of self it is bad, wrong, an act of injustice or whatever, but this is because the mind only perceives the world through its own eyes. The clarity is limited because the past has clouded the beautiful landscape.

The energy that you vibrate is what you are in the world. It attracts and is reflected back to you to show you where you need to grow. So that #God or #Spirit can understand life at a deeper level. If you think it's about you then you are limiting yourself to a localised experience that is considerably more shallow then it can be.

Essentially you are cheating yourself and Spirit by letting your ego and your past run your present moment. These shadows are there for you to observe and if the people in your life say something that may sting in some way, then they are asking you to reflect on why it stung. What weakness in your past have you not seen? It is a gift and a request to see and move past who you were. The weakness that you had from the past does not need to taint your present moment. It is a choice and this invitation will continue to knock at your door.

If you get down on yourself then it is your ego that is bruised. Spirit can never be hurt. Others cannot hurt the part of you that is real. So much in the history of humanity has been defended because of a bruised ego. Do you want that to define your life as well? Is it worth it, to defend an aspect, a tool that will eventually cease to exist when your body passes? Why do this? Isn't there more to your life?

There are traps in the world and media is one of the biggest ones, that reinforce this need to be right and to focus on your own ego. If you look at them collectively and through a number of decades it is easy to see that they are recycling the same techniques and strategies just with a different lingo. All of it is designed to give the ego strength and more presence in your life.

By looking at the way your past experiences are triggers for you at this moment you are being asked to heal these and most importantly heal the child within you that they impacted the most. He or she is still alive in you and needs to be recognized.

Shadows are not something to be afraid of, they are the absence of light. When light shines on dark places, what is present is revealed. This brings clarity. That is what it is all about.

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