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You’re Much More Than You’ve Been Told

There have been limitations put on humanity from the education, religious, business and most every other institution on the planet. Most of the world feels this loss and because of it there is a feeling in our souls that there is more to this life and more to us. We cover it up with outside stimulation, be it entertainment, family, work, whatever it is that keeps us from asking the questions: Why am I here? What am I suppose to do? Who am I? Where I did come from?

It is common for light worker youngsters who find it difficult to ‘fit in’ in society to ask these questions at a young age. Somehow the school they are going to or their family of which they are a part of shows them that they are different and do not belong. It is often not the school’s nor the family’s intention, but happens anyways, for a good reason. It is so that a call goes out to the higher self, the God Self of the child. This is the part of all of us that is connected to Spirit or the Universe where we all came from and will eventually return to.

The call is answered at different times during the life of the child and shows itself in various ways and forms. As the youngster ages the higher aspects of the child begin to downstep into their consciousness. The child will show this as a higher awareness and perhaps may lose interest in normal day to day things. They also may seek answers in books and seek more complicated knowledge, as if he or she is trying to remember something or piece something together. The reason for all this is when the higher mind or self comes into the young person’s consciousness it seeks to find something to relate to, to create a familiar environment for itself. It will not be present in the current world stages, in most cases, but eventually the child will come into contact with people who have asked similar questions and a reunion will transpire, a gathering of like minds.

As more and more of these types of people come into their lives they will come to the conclusion that they are here for something bigger than they have been taught by the business, religious, and education systems, which have taught and molded their friends and families since they were young. They will see the bigger picture and break free from the Matrix, the prison for your mind that has caged most everybody on the planet. The more answers that come to them the more of their Spirit will embody and the freer they will feel and their lives will become.

As years pass and they continue on this high road, with people coming and people going, each fulfilling their part in each other’s lives, they will come to the conclusion that what the world taught them about themselves and who they are when they were young kids was all wrong, and they will realize that they are so much more than they’ve been told.

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