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You Are the Center of the Universe

Your unconscious mind is the part of you that is God. It is easy to say that you are a part of God and that you and God are one. This is true, but like all spirituality it must be understood both mentally and emotionally. I want to take this further yet to a deeper understanding where you create your own reality and also about belief. What you believe is what is in your reality, and this has to do with everything in your reality. Your whole world exists in you; there is nothing else in the world.

This is about what you agree to be in your reality actually is in your reality. To explain this more, if you believe that at the end of your life you will be judged for all that you did during that life, than you will have that reality at the end of your life. If you feel that you are not treated well by the people in your life than it is what will continue to happen in your life. There are seven billion people here and each of us lives in a different reality, or world. As each person comes and goes in your life than they are interacting with your personal bubble and then they are leaving, like energies brushing against one another the impact happens and then it leaves until you meet that person and engage with them again, should you choose to do so.

This has to do with your perception of your past as well, if you believe you had a bad childhood, than you did have a bad childhood. It is your choice and your memory. So in this respect you can change your past and your future by understanding that as you change your present moment you have changed those as well, which includes your past lives also. Karma can also be looked at in the same light. If you feel that what you did in this life is a consequence of what you did in the last life, than that is what it is; that is your truth. Truth is what you believe in, nothing more. If something is not true for someone it can be true for you.

Getting back to the beginning of what I said in this article about your unconscious mind being God, the seat of your creation, is true and all you have to do is to follow its guidance. You have guides and teams working with you, but they are parts or aspects of your unconscious mind. This is how you are the center of your universe.

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