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Who Are You?

Life is hard, life is painful, life is precious, and life is beautiful. Like poetry in motion, our life is an undulating journey of self-understanding that continues on and on. Where did it begin, and when will it cease? Who has any right to define how one should express their own life?

People mature at different levels and at different times within their lives. While we grow up, society places upon us different expectations that we feel we must adhere to, to a degree, to be a man or a woman. This is true throughout the world, and these beliefs that we subscribe to can, at times, be rigid, unfair, or just plain confusing to us.

I believe that we are all on a spiritual journey; only some of us are not conscious of this path while others are fully aware. To the ones that are aware, often the world and its ways can seem rather vexing. Experiences from their childhood in this incarnation can represent themselves through situations that they may encounter as an adult. One’s reaction is personal, and in these experiences, the outside world and the people in it are merely catalysts for this emotional or mental trigger to occur. None of this is good or bad; it is there as a teacher, a wayshower.

When people are in a relationship with another person, in most cases, these unions have been orchestrated to show you who you are as well as asking you to become whole. So, what does it mean to become whole? We are born either male or female, yet we have both of these energies within us. When we are young adults, the systems of the world try to push upon us what it means to be a man or a woman. Where do these restrictions come from?

Our inner child is always alive. The systems and institutions that have built society have tried to tell us that we must grow up and become productive men and women, but what does that mean? What are we being asked to leave behind? What would happen if they shared the same time? The inner layers of who we are in our totality are all emotionally connected, and when we are in a relationship that asks us to become more than who we are now, we will be asked to become whole again. Through a safe setting, who we have been forced to leave behind, can finally have their time on our stage.

The playout of these emotions can often be the voice of the inner child, wanting acknowledgment. In my experience, this has been a soothing feeling as well as a doorway to my past. Stuck patterns are given a chance to resurface in the here and now. For me, the voice had an undeniable potency.

Like a fragmented picture forming a puzzle, all of the pieces eventually fit into place, but how often does one recognize the pieces to be part of who they are, or rather have been? Is there a solemnness to the feeling that is surfacing? Is that familiar to you? Is there a jagged edge to it? Is the edge part of who you are? If not, then was it from the person you just passed in the street? Are you an empath that absorbs other people’s emotions? To an empath, this can be a challenge to which the systems of society have rarely given much thought. Rather sad.

Quiet meditation at the end of the day can be very useful in helping you digest your day and sort through where your thoughts and emotions have come from. It can also allow for the triggers from your past to be explored in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, giving you the space to notice the difference between how each emotion makes you feel.

You have reached a level of maturity and awareness that you did not have when you were a child. That maturity and awareness can help you to parent yourself. It is essential to treat your inner child as you would like to be treated at this moment. Let them have their voice that perhaps they did not get to express as they would have liked when they had their time on the world stage.

People need to be forgiven. How they treated you was a reflection of their own inner pain and lack of maturity. Keep in mind, we have not been taught to express emotions. Having a safe and supportive environment can offer us the chance to bring out what we could not when we were young.

We are all in this together. The complexities of our mental and emotional disposition at any given moment can be sourced from not only this life and the people in it, but other incarnations and other stations of identity on your multi-dimensional levels that are coming through to be seen and heard. All of them seeking healing and completion so that you can become whole once again.

Breath easy, there is no hurry here. Time is an illusion. What comes up for you does so precisely at the right moment. When the inner child is given the love and understanding that it needs, then he or she can wipe away their tears, and you can take the next step forward. The more love, kindness, and acceptance you give to others on your path, the more you are giving yourself. We are all working to become whole once again.

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