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What Came Before Us?

As the world turns, so much time has gone

I wonder in silence, what have we done?

The events of the day, like turning the news on

As the state of the world, what battles were won?

Stick my head in the sand, or take in the misery?

To drown in this world, and ask, what will be?

How long have we been this way, what came before us?

To disconnect, to unplug, to hold sanity, a must

But where did this come from and how long has this been?

The past cannot be here, so where did it begin?

Taught to fear the world, distrust, a life of sin

But where is the joy if this state we are in?

To hold witness and watch as we repeat once more

There’s always a thread that will lead to a door

One’s state of mind resonates to what you draw near

So how do you start your day, what do you fear?

Was it worth for you, brought peace to your mind?

As patterns repeat, what can you leave behind?

The seasons are in cycle, yet how often do we see

The beauty of life, to let go, relax and let be?

Aware of what’s happening, compassion to hold

Trust the world will find its way, as the script unfolds

A bigger picture to see, perhaps a higher view

Let that guide you authentically in all that you do

What you take in today changes you from the inside

From the people you meet to where you reside

It’s not airy-fairy and hopefully has its place

In a world that judges so quickly, where is your true face?

What came before us, that made us this way?

Does it fit with us now, can we start a new day?

Or is it too late, are we truly lost?

Is hope for our humanity, truly tossed?

What gave us this idea, so dark and so bleak?

Where did the love go, where was the leak?

Running we have been, no time to stop

To best another to reach the top

Our parents perhaps, or two generations before?

To go further back, the past to explore

But what is true from our limited point of view?

Were the books of old all we knew?

Who taught us that it was the way things were done?

So many wars, so much strife, where was the fun?

How could that be all there was to our race?

Unfair judgements when we see another’s face

We know nothing about them yet, a history is there

Lessons ingrained as a child, yet so unfair

An innocence erased before they turn two

Yet nothing wrong they did do

I ask again, where is the kindness, where is the love?

To raise your vibration, frequency and energy high above

To have hope for this world to redefine maturity

To remove doubt in oneself, no longer a life of obscurity

As we compare to another

This, this that or the other

Does it really matter?

Such noise, endless chatter

To let it go, a chance to find me

Who am I in all this, what do I see?

What’s important and why is that so?

Why should I care about what I know?

Memories brought forth as a point of view

What relevance now, what I thought I knew?

For all is accessible with a touch on a screen

So vacant, so hollow, is that what I mean?

The truth in a conversation, where can it be?

What do you want with another, can you see?

The hold space, just to listen, and to truly be there

To show them you feel them, to let them know that you care

This we’ve not been taught, and so strife carries on

As we sing year after year, ‘Where is the love?’ song

As we revisit the question What came before us?

An offer, a chance to reestablish trust

With who we are in all this and what we can give

That makes another smile and helps us to forgive

As our past is on the surface on our face to show

It has nothing to do with anything you know

Can you be at peace so that the world is not a trigger?

That keeps you stuck, hindering you from becoming bigger

Than what you see on the screen, day in and out

Your reactions, in a way told you what you’re about?

As I consider all that I’ve written here

I ask, has it helped, do I feel more clear?

Self-reflection, considering what thoughts I entertain

To have compassion for myself, and other’s pain

As patterns repeat, what came before us, the same

The wheel turns, the same stage, the same game

As I take my time and my energy back

I leave the onslaught, the media attack

As I clear my head and just let things be

In that moment, comes clarity

As this morning becomes noon and soon the night

I feel in all this that I got this part right

What I don’t feel I know, that’s ok, I’ll let go

Stop the questions and answers, halt the show

Let the peace and silence have a chance

To hear no music and yet still I dance

To the rhythm of my own life

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