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Walking Wounded

Over the past year and half or so, most of the world has at some point experienced quarantine. Time alone is meditative but what has being in quarantine shown you about yourself? For me, it has helped me to understand who I am to myself. Not to the world as they were not accessible. People did not come around. Their input was not there. The distraction was an internal voice that I was able to more clearly identify. The juxtaposition within myself offered me a vantage point that was not there before. What it means to be a man, a partner, a friend to myself and the people whom I’m closest with. I was given the opportunity to see the masculine and feminine within myself without society and the centuries of programs that we have been told to trust as the truth. Where has that lead us as a race? What have we disrespected and ignored because of what we have followed?

As a race we have been walking wounded for far too long. Men have been taught to be one way and women another. Playing these roles within a broken program. Where was God in all of this? Has religion helped us to define those roles? Where has that gotten us? What was hidden that is now being revealed? The unmarked First Nations graves in Canada comes to mind. Why is this coming to light now? Coming to light now; does that mean anything to you? Over the past year or so throughout my multidimensional clearing and spiritual counseling sessions with clients, I have witnessed the result of this imbalance between these aspects of who we are and how they have manifested as the systems that we have upheld within our society. How women treat men and how men treat women. Feminine suppression and patriarchal masculine. This is not in balance. The pain that plays out in relationships is the sickness that has created the so-called order in the world. The world is going through a dark night of the soul process and as is the nature of these, it is a time of deep introspection and unravelling. The atrocities that we have committed as a race are so horrendous that if one takes a serious look at who they are as a member of the human race, then how could have this happened? Was it truly us who did this?

When one is out of balance then their world is no longer clear to them. The truth that we are walking wounded only clarifies that the internal forces that guide us in our lives are misguided. We have been taught to look outside ourselves for what we need, be it consumerism, religion, friendships, whatever, yet what has this self-quarantine taught us? How much self-sovereignty can we have when we have been taught to focus on the external? Why has meditation become so popular over the that last while?

The wounded masculine and wounded feminine within each of us is a collection of not only genetic experiences, people in your family who are asking for forgiveness and love that they did not receive in their time, but the consciousness that is the world today as well. This is a time of accountability for who we are individually as well as what we have done as a society. All is coming to the surface, not to be judged by a God that somehow has human emotional attributes such as vengeance, but to be witnessed with neutrality, self-awareness and self-compassion. We have a connection to the spirit, the all-oneness that flows through everything, has been everywhere and at all times.

If you judge yourself harshly for what you have done, where is that judgement coming from I wonder? Have you been taught to judge? Is this an expression of the balanced masculine and feminine or the old ways of patriarchal masculine and suppressed feminine, or the victim-victimizer game? Does racism see behind the mortal shell? Where have these harsh condemnations come from? What are people truly afraid of understanding, or rather are they afraid of seeing these weaknesses within themselves?

This is the collective dark night of the soul that we as humanity are being asked to look at and explore. As we together are the walking wounded, we can see where we have been and where that has gotten us. In doing this we can see with more clarity where we are wounded in our masculine and feminine so that we can be the support for each other that we need as the collective of human beings. Be kind, be patient, be accepting, and be compassionate, with yourself and others. This is the love that we are so starved for right now.

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