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To let go is the only way

We’re All in this together.

As the world appears to be struggling to reach balance and people are wanting this pandemic to end, what has it stirred up in you? Through all the news that we are being blitzed with every day, what grabs your attention the most? Why is this important to you?

We have been given a history and is rather bleak. Through education and before that, our grooming since we were just out of diapers, we have been presented with a story that we have believed to be the truth. Yet, how much of it has actually happened?

Since Mesopotamia and further back, we have been a warring species. There have been times of peace but considering the current landscape in our society, we have been trained to be this way. But is it who we truly are, our authentic selves? Governments are a ruling entity that attempts to create order within the society that they govern and yet, if we use the Freedom Convoy in Canada as an example, they are abusing this permission, this trust.

So, what to do?

This is an individual experience and at the same time, it is a collective experience. I feel that this is an important perspective. Through this lens, how have our emotions been manipulated, or skewed to see a version of the truth? As history repeats itself once again, underneath this there are always two sides. Often one side does not see the light to make it onto the pages of history.

So who are we, when we realise that we are not what we have been taught? Have the epigenetic software programs passed from parents to children been influential in deciding that? How have they been snapshots of what the culture was like in those times, further reinforcing and repeating what has already happened?

If one looks at cultural norms and traditions, it can be deduced that as a society we continue what was before with slight changes in flavors. How we are trained to learn also limits are perception of reality to reinforce what has been the historical narrative. We police each other and draw value from supporting one another when the narrative is upheld. Seems strange to me.

In my opinion, this is how linear thinking is in a way limited thinking. Our sense of self, or ego needs to identify with patterns and familiarities in order to sustain a relationship to the outside world and our fellow people. Through this limited interpretation of who we are, those who stand outside of the herd feel ostracized in some way. Due to how our ego and sense of self has been trained to understand reality and our relationship to it, we are rarely supported in our re-evaluated and broadened perception.

Through working with clients consistently through counseling as well as multi-dimensional clearing sessions, I’ve realized that we are truly limited in how we see ourselves, the world and each other. Through these limitations we are vulnerable to being influenced by segregation, racism, bigotry and all of which is rearing its ugly head in the world during this pandemic era.

Have we been here before? Have we all been role-playing, not even realizing that we were on a stage with a mind-controlled script? Are these reenactments of what has been done before which due to history books, our education, our religions and our society culture is being replayed with a wider range due to the population explosion? Why do we hold on to this?

There is a comfort in the familiar. It is easy to take the path that was travelled before you came along. Where has that got us though? Could this pandemic be a catalyst to identifying these ego-driven patterns so that we can finally say, enough is enough? Are the younger generations seeing what has been wrong for so many generations?

There is so much more to who we are, and to have that validated through ‘a-ha’ moments of recognition is the beginning steps to breaking through the veil that we have been told to wear in order to be supported and to get what we needed to survive.

Every generation has done this, but as we see these patterns for what they are, then we are able to make an informed choice to leave the stage. When we let go of judgments upon ourselves as well as others then we open space and return energy to be able to freely expand our consciousness into something more. This offers the opportunity for balancing between the divine masculine and feminine within us, our unique attributes that should not be defined by how we have been taught to see ourselves and each other. To let go is the only way.

As we continue our personal work and our commitment to this inner process we are further attuned to our unique expression and vibration to enable us to work collectively with others who are awake to heal this planet. In doing this further awaken to levels of consciousness and their unique realities, allowing them to shift our current paradigm and its obvious limitations.

So many realities are shifting that our perception of reality or perhaps lack of is reflecting that inner metamorphosis and alchemical transformation. Foundations are crumbling or falling away because they no longer align with this new reality that has not yet been expressed. To let go is the only way.

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