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The Narratives We Carry

Societal conditioning has dictated our history which is how we are educated to understand our collective past. What has been omitted from history books as a result of this? The incomplete portrayal of how our society has evolved has contributed to the narratives that we carry. In other words, the story of how we see ourselves and the world around us.

It is impossible to have the whole picture of what our history was. No book can contain all that has happened in every corner of the world throughout time. This is not possible and yet the audacity of history books to express that grand achievement is pretentious, misleading, and at its worse, very dangerous. The world stage at the present moment is a result of that narrow view of what happened in day’s past.

We are not born with judgement and discrimination upon others and yet as we are introduced to the world our need for love and validation impels us to please those whom are our caretakers. Their points of view influence us because as we express the intended influence through repetition then we experience approval. This repeated gets us what we need to survive. The consideration of whether or not this is true is not part of the equation, yet. This more often than not, comes through adolescence. Unfortunately, by that time, opinions have taken root that become challenging to undo. These opinions are at times reinforced by society, peers and family, furthering the need for love and validation that began at such a young age or perpetuating rebellion into adulthood. Neither trajectory brings forth an authentic expression of who we really are to ourselves and the world.

The radio, television, and the internet all played roles in perpetuating these narratives as they collectively formed or further manipulated society’s points of view. Layer upon layer, generation to generation further embedding the narratives that we uphold as our true thoughts.

As our minds take in prescribed information from pre-school to university, we are conditioned to see the world through a particular lens. The outlook is not complete and yet we encourage each other to do this. The result of neglecting this ‘education’ is a lack of opportunities as an adult, so we are told. Perhaps a level of fear conditioning masked as potential opportunities?

I am not trying to be hard on the education system, although I have my own thoughts on it that do not favor it, I do see the benefits and purpose of it. What concerns me is the narrow-mindedness of it and how frequently we are told to attend, which sustains a constant programming that leaves little time to consider other points of view that are more often than not restricted or at best hidden from us.

Are our narratives important to us? Are we even aware of them and their influence upon us? Who are we without them? What have they given us that truly matters? Have they brought us happiness? How can we let them go and in so doing, know who we truly are?

Our history has been remembered from the vantage point of the victors and conquers. One nation or collective of people beats down another into submission to their ways and practices. Before that moment, these subjugated folks had their own history, culture, traditions and so much more. Society today has shown that some of these cultures had not been completely wiped out, but their status on the world stage has been marginalized. These actions throughout history are wrong and yet it still continues into today. They have contributed to racism, bigotry, intolerance, and all kinds of hate crime. If this is the only history we know, then how can we ever be free? We have made history our story, and it has been a tragedy.

Everyone wants to feel loved and valued. This is integral to our nature and yet paradoxically we are the love that we want. Another way to put this is, we have all we need inside of us. Once this point of view is able to become the core of how you see yourself, then your outlook for the world becomes more hopeful. Through this new perspective, we are able to examine our own personal narrative in a way that is free from judgements that we have been taught to adopt as how we think and feel.

What thoughts and ideas have you outgrown, although they still dwarf and belittle you? There is a freedom in knowing that you always have a choice. No matter what is happening outside of you, the choice is yours as to how whatever it is will impact you.

Everything is vibration, energy and frequency, including your attitude and outlook on life. Is the narrative you carry of a high vibration? If not, then why is that?

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