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The Bigger Picture

Joseph Machney


As the autumn leaves turn into gold

The life we have, so precious to behold

The quiet comes as winter dawns

The winter birds ready their songs


As blankets of snow on the ground to rest

Until spring comes, a calm stage is set

For within nature an intricate order plays out

That needs no direction, no shouting about


Each month, week and day in its own time

The bells of yesterday no longer chime

Mother nature follows her own inner glow

There is no disturbing this natural flow


The people of this earth rarely take time to see

Do not witness the timelessness nor let things be

Our ways have repeated whether near or far

How deeply rooted our own patterns are


Lost in ourselves, a mirrored world, the same

To see outside what is lost and truly gained

To let go of self and who we’re told to be

None of it is true, a falsity


Who we are to the world a role that we play

From dusk until dawn our truth again delayed

The reason for inequality not really explored

The issue never dull, lagging or bored


These suits we wear, how we identify

Are never truly us, are mostly a lie

But the world through its myopic glare

Rarely takes a moment to actually care


What we are fed, all the drama and war

So many details, can we say no more?

Yet something inside us, a low vibration

Ensures us that our mind has no vacation


And behind the intensity we often sit

A feeling this is life, all there is to it

With all information available for you

More now then ever a choice, what to do?


There will always be news and the bad gets top dollar

A shooting, a bombing, as people around holler

We watch it and read as our mood drops down low

But we care and are concerned and want to know


So as this all sinks in day after day

Was it worth the price you had to pay?

To know what has happened in this dystopian week

The feeling so heavy, the pain so deep


But where is the bigger picture if all we see is pain?

It comes at us from all sides, again and again

Is that all there is? Cause that’s all we’re shown

Please take me away, I want to go home!


And so as misery loves company I stand tall and see

I have a choice in all this with unequivocal clarity

As the light inside me flickers then grows

The mother nature energy, the loving glow


She’s been missing in action, been cast aside

Yet in everyone she finds a place to hide

As our masculine driven society begins to fall

As we realize that there’s a higher spiritual call


Hopefully as the numbers continue to grow

Those of us with inner light, the way we’ll show

And in time rise to positions of power

To turn the tide in our darkest hour


As the world finds its way closer to the heart

It will open a new door, we’ll make a new start

But the love of money must take a back seat

Or again, like in Rome, this all will repeat


With yet one month in this year to play out

I pray for humanity to stand up and shout

To end the wars and the projected internal strife

Let’s all get along, why can’t we play nice?


When we play the same history, we’ll never outgrow

Our old ways and patterns, nothing new to show

There’s so much beauty in the world, just have a look-see

You’ll find if you want to, and in time have clarity


Be patient with yourself and consider what you’ll become

A happier person, more peaceful, less bummed

So I hope for you and all the people you care for

That you’ll truly take in that life is so much more


Then you have been taught a sliver of what’s real

As you take that in, you’ll begin to feel

A new self arise, above the murky deep

Like for so long you’ve been asleep


You awake and feel more light and love

It has come from you, inside, not from above

As you balance the masculine and feminine inside

As you bring light to your shadows that for so long did hide


Be patient as the peace and clarity grows

Soon the centeredness will be all that you know

As who you were falls away the cords to the ground

The cacophony of the personality and media gone, nevermore a sound


To hold this bigger picture in mind

At all times, with you, not behind

The frequency and vibration of everything

In that sensing the truth it shall surely bring


Let this be your guide, your compass, your light

To make your own world feel right

And finally, the troubles of the world need not bother you

As the bigger picture is clear in all that you say and do

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