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Spending Time

Understanding the bigger picture of your #life is a challenging thing to do and considering all the time that people have done that during their lives as well as throughout #history, it is easy to see that the meaning of life has not yet been solved by the race of man.

#Religions have taught The Way and so have educational systems. Other branches within society have contributed as well, but I feel these two have had a deep impact on the world that we enter into every day. #Mankind needs to understand and has become so fixated on it that often times the path is no longer visible to him. The road that was meant to be walked is now traveled at high speeds and seen as a means to an end. Man has tried to understand so that he can make his life and the life of others easier. But who is he to judge what is easy or hard?

Things are the way that they are and to try and unravel the meaning of why things are the way they are is another philosophical discussion with one's own personal experience and perspective coloring their expression and point of view.

So why bother? What is said today may be particularly interesting and meaningful to some, but how much of it will influence the course of history as a whole? The philosophers of ancient times, such as Plato, Desecrates, and many others pondered the meaning of it all and their thoughts took on a life of their own and formed branches of study at Universities and the like, forever changing the course of mankind.

History happened and was recorded and passed along from generation to generation. It formed the reality that we now live in collectively. Obviously, a different course and trajectory would have transpired had another, at present, unknown man or woman received recognition for their thoughts. Lives would have intertwined and our world would have been changed.

In a parallel world perhaps this has happened and Rome never happened, Latin was never widely spoken. Genghis Kahn conquered more and his influence further extended. What would have happened to the period of time that we now live in?

Does any of it really matter? Was what we were told the truth? Everything was created from a moment in time and at that moment a path was chosen. Millions upon millions of paths that all meet together at the end. Every end is a new beginning and so we are forever in this cycle. Not being able to see this cycle, we are caught within ourselves and our egos that try to make sense of the bigger picture that it has collectively created in order to derive a meaning for its own existence.

Man needs to know and it needs to understand to make sense of itself. It thinks and so it is. From this it learns and grows, further layering the path, The Way. But what is the true Way? Will we ever know? Is it our job to know, or are we just spending time, forgetting that we should just Be and let life happen?

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