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Separation from Self

I am Joseph Machney. I wise man once told me ‘You have a body but you are not your body.’ Being a young adult at the time I felt I grasped that from an intellectual level as I was taught to understand my reality through my intelligence. In truth, this has very much limited my reality. As I identify with being Joseph Machney, I am limited by that identification. Do limitations truly serve me?

One can say that rules are made to be broken and sure, I agree with that, as well as the adage, think outside the box. It’s about breaking boundaries in reality and yet as a collective society we have unconsciously agreed to a set of parameters to define reality. Given the state of the world at the moment it is easy to see that the parameters that we have collectively agreed upon have not helped us to find peace and a united fellowship. What happened?

As we are taught through school, religion and the people who are biologically older than we are, we believe what we are told, because we needed to in order to survive and make something of ourselves in the world. So, in our mind this is beginning to define our reality and our sense of self. Programs are layered upon programs and who we are begins to take shape. Then puberty happens and some of us challenge the status quo. Eventually we conform to the constructs of reality or for those who don’t they write punk rock music lyrics. J

As we settle into reality, the mind, emotions and the physical vessel of which they are held in become all we are. This is our sense of self and society in all of its manifestations support this truth. Yet, this truth is so limiting, in my experience. As we identify with these boundaries, we become these boundaries.

Underneath the strife upon the planet are multiple waves of alchemical transformations that as people begin to question their reality and sense of self are able to access these waves. Through accessing these waves, they are given the opportunity to see different realities that are equally present although have been ignored through the conditioning that we received as children. The patterns are beginning to break down as these brave souls step through the consciousness barriers within themselves. What worlds await them?

Having done multi-dimensional clearing sessions since 2011 and having been introduced to energy healing back in 2002, answers began to form to the questions, Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Through the experiences since that time, the multiple dimensions of those clients who are aware that there is more than the physical, mental and emotional dimensions would unravel during sessions in a way that would seem unreal, to put it one way. So many layers, geometries, architecture in the form of light language and constructs that rarely have any identification with our current planetary reality. Yet having sessions with people who were mildly curious about what my work was about, I was unable to access these other dimensions of who they are. This led me to understand the limiting construct of our society built and supported reality of which we are programmed to adhere to in order to get what we need to survive. Through collective higher dimensional starvation, we force ourselves to follow the programming; a tribe mentality. This is no longer working and the repeating of patterns from 80 years ago, the war in Ukraine perhaps, is proof of this.

As a higher vibration comes to the planet, the repeating of patterns that have their origin in the collective perception of the Self is beginning to fall away, ushering in a new era of awakening. But how deep does the identification with Self really go and are we able to give it up to reach a universal harmony? What are we afraid to lose? What is an illusion and what is reality? What makes one real and the other not? Why is that answer the truth? Who made that decree? If you follow this decree, why do you do so and what if you let it go? What would happen to you?

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