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Out of Time

The old paradigms are shifting and everything that is the old world, all the shadows, are coming to the light. It is an incredibly transformative time. This is an understatement, of course. The intensity at the moment is so palpable that the impact on the nervous system can be overwhelming.

Through this overwhelm though can come realizations. In my experience it has given me a clearer understanding of the layers of how our society has been built and how history repeats itself. As a society, we have been taught to view our world in a linear fashion. Time moves forward from the past into the future. We have been conditioned to understand that this is our reality, that this makes sense. Where has this line of thinking gotten us as a race? Sure, the history buffs could argue that we are doing well from a technological perspective, having come from the dark ages. We have advanced as a species in many areas and yet in my humble opinion, the world is struggling in ways that were not part of our reality in the past. Has our past been contrived in any way, so that we are under the delusion that things are better now, that we have learned from our mistakes perhaps?

All of this are symptoms of the linear paradigm and within this model is a beginning and an end. There are rules and ways to identify them so that they can be categorized in a way that can be taught. This has formed the institutions that we experience as well as the passing of time. I bring this forward as a metaphysical and existentialism consideration offering a freedom from time restraints.

When one takes on the idea of time as their reality, then the passing of time becomes their reality. Their days, weeks, months and years are chopped up into moments that have beginnings and endings. Everything in our lives have been dictated by time. This has restrained the possibility of non-linear thinking or spiral thinking to have a place in our mindset.

People who are empathic and highly sensitive take in information from all kinds of sources and all moments. There is no order to how it comes in and so employing the linear paradigm of making sense of the experience is futile, as it does not fit into the equation. Having received feedback from my clients, I have begun to understand the limitations of conventional therapy and how it is based on a linear understanding, as is our world at large.

In my experience as a multi-dimensional healing facilitator, I am given information in a linear fashion and yet as the session progresses, and the multi-dimensional experience comes into the picture, many pieces emerge that are not linear. From a linear perspective it is overwhelming, yet in this so-called disorder there are patterns that make sense, if the linear paradigm can be discarded. There is an eventual organization that comes into a level of comprehension. This is the balancing between the feminine and masculine that was our original design. An ebb and flow that is effortless.

It is akin to meditation and just being in the experience. When one is centered and in the experience that is all there is. Nothing more is needed nor desired. This is the doorway for the higher aspects of who we are to enter our reality. Yet, as this happens, our thinking mind and feeling emotional body will try to make sense of this within the context of how we have been taught to understand intellect and emotions. This is not about right or wrong. It is about the juxtaposition between linear and non-linear thinking.

As I understand, both are needed and yet as a society, we have favored one over the other. This is the masculine driven society that we now live in. This is shifting into more feminine in its nature. I choose the word nature with purpose, as there is a flow and a kindness that the rigid, time-restrained masculine cannot or will not honor.

The masculine is about limitations. For example, language in of itself is not bad and yet the words we speak have meaning and often end there. We perceive words to mean this or that and nothing more. We have been taught to impose a meaning upon a word and it is held within that restraint. This is fine and yet it is limited. If this can be seen as a model for our society than I feel it offers an understanding of how we have been taught to view the world and our history. The positive and influential shifts within our society have been made when the non-linear and linear have been in proper balance.

Getting back to non-linear cognition or out of time, there is an infinite possibility that is at our mental doorstep. This new order, or lack of order, cannot be quantified and yet being in it, the feminine isness is the new world order that is the shifting that is happening on this planet at this moment.

As everything throughout history is being accounted for, we are being asked as a race, do we want to repeat a history that no longer fits into this shift, or do we want to let that go and be the timelessness that is our destiny? There is a freedom in the unknown because what we know and have known is no longer working for us.

“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

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