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My Own Prison

Some people believe that we live in a world that is mind controlled. I do, and co-wrote a book on my thoughts about it, titled Mind Control and Frequency Fence. So with this being a belief for me, then my world is one of imprisonment. Kind of sad to write that, now that I read it over. It is a choice I made as I was writing the book and having a few years distance from it, I find the question of imprisonment coming up again for me. Is it still my world?

If I were to read the book I wrote over again, I would be transported back to that time in my life. It was not a happy time for me and having written it with my previous partner, it would be clear to me that the environment that I was in was a prison of my own making. Honestly, I was writing about what I was trying to break free from.

The people in your life are there to show you where you are in your own life. There are seven billion people in the world and each lives in their own world, yet like the internet, we are all connected and can influence each other in the most subtlest of ways.

The outer reflections being shown to me of myself are a gage to let me know how I am doing in my life. This barometer is personal and should be measured against my own values and virtues. Seeing my outer world as it is metabolized by the internal levels of who I have become throughout my years here should give me an accurate idea of how deeply I am in my prison as well as the nature of it.

What is holding me in my cage that I have not released? Getting back to the time in my life when I wrote those chapters, I believed that this was my reality. I created this duality and it became my life. My partner, naturally mirrored that to me and as the entanglement deepened with her, the mind control continued and the frequency fence ensnared me further in its web. The world was dark and although the sun was there, I could not see it.

There is a higher intelligence that has more compassion and love for you then you can ever imagine. It is with you, always. Call it a guardian angel, your guides, or whatever you like, the name is not important. It is the understanding that you are not alone in your life. Having said that, you have taken on lessons so that you can become more pure. These are yours and yours alone. They are flavoured by your past lives as well as your soul's evolution path. This is not about being a victim, which is a prison, as is the role of victimizer. The idea is to see how you can break free from your personal imprisonment and in so doing, become the victor.

Each brick was placed there by your own hand. The choices you made were growth opportunities. Often self-judgement is influenced by society and the weight of external expectations from other people. Their expectations are clouded and written by their own hand as they grasp the bars of their own imprisonment. If this is true, then how can their judgements upon you be accurate? The distortions seen in the world are a reflection of the duality within yourself. It is an illusion and source of regret, self-loathing and any of the other negative self-judgements that you choose to believe in.

Society has laid out a map for mankind to follow and if you don't follow it, you open yourself up to ridicule. It is important to understand that it is your choice to accept this ancient and outdated map. When all is said and done, being true to yourself is the only way to break through the mind control, the frequency fence and your own imprisonment.

Independent thoughts and feelings can never be ruled.

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