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Updated: Jan 8

We have been taught for many decades and centuries to experience our collective reality through our five senses. More importantly, our three-dimensional interpretation of reality and its relationship to our collective society. Our limitations are a result of how we have been dwarfed in our understanding of ourselves or more accurately, our physical, emotional and mental selves. The combination of these are what we are told is our whole self. This foundation is complete from the perspective of what society has taught us is our truth. This in fact is limiting and because of it we are not able to reach our full potential. Not being truly whole and complete creates triggers and patterns within ourselves and others that cannot be fully understood in their origin. Through this comes a lack of harmony and wholeness. Not only within ourselves but as part of a collective reality entanglement. This entanglement continues the downward spiral that leads to further vulnerabilities and digression from our authentic potential as an expression of God or the all-oneness. If we are taught that we are made in God’s image from religious teachings, then we are outside of the creative energy and are merely a result of it being completed. This is often what we are told is spirituality; our connection with God. Creative energy is feminine by nature. It is not passive. If it was not for the feminine, none of us would be here and yet our collective history neglects or discards this innate creative expression as having a value equal to the masculine or even on the same wavelength. This wavelength is the higher vibration that cannot be quantified within the limiting parameters of our current society. If no new energy can be introduced into a system, then the same energy is continually recycled. How many patterns, be it wars, prejudices, religious battles, economics, and on and on, have we been repeating throughout the ages? Within this paradigm how can we not be on auto repeat? Whether we are told that we have just one life or we are a result of reincarnation, from a three-dimensional perspective, we cannot remember what happened before this lifetime. If we could, how would our history books retell what transpired? At an impressionable age we are more than likely introduced to religion and education. This occurs at a time when we are seeking love, validation and a sense of who we are in our relationship to the world. We don’t understand that it is designed to be limited and controlled. So we do not see the complete picture and yet are told that this is all there is. I feel Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album describes existentialism quite well, allowing the listener the consideration of a limiting belief that is the current human condition and the question, is there more to life than this?

What would society be like if it was in balance? If new energy was brought in to the collective consciousness, then what would change? New combinations would bring new manifestations and creative potential and expression. No more recycling of old patterns or beliefs.

We are limited because we are out of balance with our natural selves and the natural laws. We have been denied access to our natural selves through how we have been programmed or controlled to see our reality. What has been done before, not only personally, but collectively as well. Is it satisfying or are you wanting something more that you can’t quite put your finger on? Are you tired of the media telling you what to think?

Thoughts are energy and if no new energy fuels and impels you to new platforms of thought and as a result new emotion, the two of them impacting your body with dead, old energy, then how can you grow and become more than you are now? It is not possible.

How men see themselves and how women see themselves, the old paradigms are being shaken and the roadmap is no longer clear. It is scary to not have a foundation, or to have it rumble underneath your feet, but long-lasting change cannot take root until this is allowed to happen.

The patterns of your family and their collective past as well as their impressions of society at those times in history are available to you now. Giving you the opportunity to question your present reaction to those past patterns. The recycling of old reactive patterns does not signal personal and spiritual growth. It is merely the repeating of old energy through modern society filters. Nothing has truly changed. This is where the inner personal work begins. Who are you really? What have you been denied or what have you denied yourself due to ignorance, albeit not consciously intended?

How much longer are you going to be told how to live your life? How much longer will you be restricted by time and its limitations? If one truly lets these questions sink in, then the inevitable question emerges, where do we go from here?

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