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Leaving Space

Leaving space to breathe through an experience has perhaps been vacant in our collective society for a while. Where are the spaces in between the moments that make up the experience? If these are not translatable by our five senses, then how can they exist in a state that can be recorded in our history? How can this be taught as reality?

Humanity has created benchmarks by registering goals achieved as progression forward. Yet I wonder how this has manifested as duality in our sense of who we are not only to each other, but to ourselves? What have we not acknowledged due to ignorance through short-sighted guidance which we have perpetuated generationally without intervention?

One’s relationship to reality is a direct correlation to one’s ability to hold space and sustain an openness that eclipses opinions that a moment ago were held as truth. This consideration leaves a doorway for divine intervention and guidance to fill the space that had been intermittently interrupted and at times overwhelmed by the conditioning and programming that has been normalized as a society.

The frameworks and knowledge base that we utilize in our day to day lives are limited to their points of origin and yet breaking through these realities is what is transpiring at this time. Through cultivating an awareness of the bigger picture and programs that are on repeat which are collectively manipulating society, we are given the juxtaposition of what has been and what can become.

This shifting in one’s personal state of consciousness is the harmonizing of the masculine and feminine energies which avail one the clarity through understanding the roles we have played and have been taught to play collectively through many generations. Normalizing of this limitation has created an ignorance to the space of silence that allows the harmonized masculine and feminine to emerge.

Throughout our recorded history, the masculine, as we perceive it has been misleading. The feminine has taken on a role that is not reflective of her true self. As this is being unwound, society is beginning to bring these imbalances to light. It has been slow going, but considering the scale of time, one is able to remove it from generational impact. In doing this, the opportunity to recognize the accrued collective samsara experience paints a broader picture. The spirit continues from lifetime to lifetime until clarity is achieved. This gives light and hope to the path that we are collectively on and removes the limitations of five-sense, ego-driven, short-sightedness that manifests in our current reality as the institutions of our society as being the know-all of everything that is our collective world.

This know-all of everything is the distorted, patriarchal masculine and suppressed feminine manifestation which we have throughout history been led to believe that this is the way things are. As space becomes more available to us, we are able to not challenge them, so to speak, but let them be filled by new streams of consciousness that are without the confinements that are our orthodox establishments. Are we ready to leave that space open? What are we willing to let go of that we have held on to, perhaps that which we are not even aware of?

How do we become aware of that which has not been brought to our consciousness through conventional mediums? Through explaining conventional mediums and perhaps researching to find an inception point or reason as to why they have had as much influence as they have upon us could be a start. But from there where do we go next? What needs to be unwound that has been a foundation of which we have become so dependent upon?

In my experience, I have found it helpful to identify patterns and through self-awareness I am given the opportunity to open up to higher levels of consciousness and states of being. These states are aspects of who I am which have not been accepted into our society. The reason for this is due to the inability of the parameters of society to define these states of consciousness.

They exist in their own space and when space is given through taking a break from the three-dimensional cages and asking oneself if there is more to reality than this, then these spaces act as doorways to other worlds that are as much as part of you as the one you experienced today. Are you able to leave space for these other realities in your own life?

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