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Killing Ghosts

As a collective society, we have been trained to understand our reality through an ego filter. But what is an ego filter? As I experience it, it is our sense of self. An identity that we are taught to see as who we are.

Everyone in the world is taught this. We use this model to understand our world through the five senses and what they are able to show us. Information comes in through one of these senses and we relate it to the world that we are taught is the truth. This world has become our history, our science, our religion, our education system, how we relate to one another and how we relate to ourselves. Everything can be traced back to this origin; our sense of ‘I’.

But is this who we are? If one looks out at our world, we can see two sides. The one that is very bleak at the moment and the one that is happening behind the scenes. Both are occurring simultaneously and yet only one can be understood through the five senses.

The other reality is the higher, multi-dimensional reality where the consideration of quantum consciousness is present which manifests as vibration, energy and frequency which then downsteps into our conscious personal reality.

The consideration piece often comes into conflict with how we have been taught to experience our reality. This is where the training since we were a child challenges the non-physical world of which our spirit has a deeper relationship with. Another way to look at it is that we become broken down or torn, if you will, from what was a very natural state of balance within ourselves. This can be seen as right brain-left brain dichotomy and yet I feel given how the world is looking at the moment, the focus is driven towards the left brain.

Society is structured to support the left brain. I feel the reason for this is the linear progression of our world. We have supposedly evolved, and science supports this hypothesis. Yet, we have only been taught to experience this world through the five senses. Everything that has happened is predicated on the assumption that this is all there is to life. This is also why the media is able to have such a powerful influence upon society.

Getting back to the other view of the world. When people are limited to the collective reality then their subscribing to it entangles them into that reality without a knowing or a complete neglecting of any other reality. Each generation continues this and as we teach this to our children, they are educated to do the same to their children. This biological, emotional and mental conditioning is perpetuating patterns or keeping alive that which perhaps should have died a long time ago. We have all been here before and yet here we are again. Why have we not learned from our past mistakes? Is this our true nature?

The multi-dimensional expressions of who we are is not limited to societal structure and this is the other view of the world that is going through a spiritual awakening. The current reality is shifting and we are being asked as a collective society if we want to keep old ghosts alive or if we have the awareness to take a step in a more enlightened direction and finally kill the ghosts that no longer fit into this new world.

What world though, are you willing to step into? When you were a young child, before this reality made any sense to you, you knew a different reality, an innocence that was conditioned out of you with the purpose of you fitting into a mold that could be utilized by society. Has this mold helped you to feel fulfilled in your life? What are you willing to unlearn?

I do not intend to ignore the reality that my five sense show me, but as the lenses of perception becomes clearer, it is my intention to understand what vibration, frequency and energy I am resonating at as I step forward each day of my life. What is supporting me and what is dragging me down. The three-dimensional aspects of who I am have their limitations, the multi-dimensional aspects of who I am I have yet to find their limitations. These three-dimensional limitations are my ghosts that I intend to finally lay to rest.

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