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It’s Not About You

The world has never been so closely connected. People are able to connect with a friend from across the world and see their face and get a real time experience of their surroundings and an impression of the life that they are living. The feeling of being close with someone is on the screen in front of them, yet there have been studies that have shown that people have never felt further apart and more alone. How has this new way of relating to each other over the past twenty years influenced us collectively as a society?

People are hardwired to connect and we have advanced to the point where this is more possible than it ever has been in recorded history. So why are we so alone? In a strange way, has this backfired on us? Consider the idea that with us being available to each other with a click of a button that there is a vulnerability that before the internet we were able to better navigate? By this I mean there was not as much exposure and candidness. Despite one wanting to be private, on a collective level people’s day to day lives are a book for all to read. This vulnerability allows for weaknesses to be brought out into the open. There is an opportunity to heal these but one reason that I feel that we do not do this or are unable to, is because the education with which we have been taught leaves us ill-equipped to do so. This shadow within is being blinded by the light when it needs to be slowly introduced to it. Emotional healing takes time. We have been given systems of therapy to help us to heal ourselves and we explore them in the same way as we have explored other forms of understanding or knowledge, through self-introspection. When one accrues a certain level of self-understanding through the lenses of therapy that they feel they understand, they either feel healed to a degree or seek a confidant to get some feedback on their conclusions. On the surface this may seem like a natural take on inner healing, but how much of it is about you? Should it be? How does selflessness play into this? Could that be part of the healing as well? Is being self-absorbed and self-centered part of inner healing?

With everything being as connected as it is, often people will treasure their alone time. It has been more than twenty years since this radical change in communication and relating to one another has begun. The transformation has happened quickly, yet where did we come from to get to where we are now? What have we been seeking? A race cannot survive without growing and the human race has evolved through growing together from one another. Is a course correction needed?

Silent meditation allows one to do inner healing work and then come from a place of being healed to offer the world the best version of themselves. If people want from another than they are lacking something, or think they are lacking something. Our society has been taught to go outside to find what you are lacking. This is vampiric and parasitic. It entangles two people together in a victim-victimizer spiral that ends in an abyss of despair. What can I get from you? What can you give me? How often are these questions asked internally throughout society? Underneath these questions is the self-inquiry, what are you lacking?

Through my session work I focus on allowing levels of consciousness to be introduced to the individual that are endless, timeless and not constricted through the filter of lack. My experience of these energies and how they have positively awakened aspects within people that were not marred by the paradigms of what we have created by society have been liberating. People hold the keys that unlock their own prisons and when they understand through personal self-inquiry and through self-reflection techniques such as meditation then they do not feel that they need to get from others.

The world is changing and the more people work on themselves to heal themselves so that they can offer that new found personal transformation to the world as a standing light, the more people will not be parasitic and want from others. When you want from others, you’ll always need something. How can you ever win that? Why even bother playing that game? What if the world became selfless? Giving to others after having given to themselves the love that the world has cleared shown it is sorely lacking. Love is energy, energy is spirit, and spirit is everywhere and everything. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It cannot run out. It is who you are on the highest dimensional levels, available to you at this very moment. Do you want it, or someone else’s energy, lifeforce? Are you really entitled to that lifeforce? Again, if you feel you are, then what are you lacking within yourself? The true answer is that you are lacking nothing. What you have been told or taught though, is quite a different story.

There is no need to take back your power. What needs to happen is to let others write their own stories and to realize that the power you want to take back is the spirit, the energy that is your true self. With this, also comes self-respect. Find it and find personal freedom. Once you have that, you have all you need.

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