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Follow the Leader

People are a manifestation of patterns, either inherited from their relatives, products of society or a continuation of traditions that they have been taught to uphold. Could be an antiquity consideration or out of respect for where they have come from and yet how is one’s authentic self able to come forward when there is so much invested in sustaining what was and continuing that into the next generation?

The layers of programming I feel are most apparent in the herd mentality. When one goes to a rally of some kind if they are there as a witness then one could consider that the speaker at the rally is the puppet master. Yes, people come there with a common point of view which is often amplified by the person at the podium and yet it is a consideration how these events galvanize tens of hundreds of people. To me that reflects how influential mankind is. I don’t mean this as a judgement, but merely an observation as to how easily this is accomplished which brings up the question, why is that so?

If people thought for themselves, truly thought for themselves, would the institutions be as they are today? What are they predicated upon and have we allowed this to be as it is? We have agreed, collectively and perhaps unconsciously, to a history that we have been dictated which has been written from one point of view. Why were book burnings allowed and supported back in the day? Obviously, what was written challenged what was the norm of the time. How where we suppressed and coerced into believing that this is the only reality there is?

This shared reality is a collective expression that at this time of alchemical transformation is shifting and going through a metamorphosis that is unheard of in our history. Why is that? Were the books that were burnt and the knowledge and stories that they contained relevant to today?

The indigenous societies passed their knowledge on to the next generation orally. Nothing was written down. This is true from Hawaii to Native Americans to Aboriginals. Their societal structure was more fluid and less rigid. The educated white man came to their lands and required them to confirm to their ways of writing down their language and history. Often times with dire consequences should they refuse. This repatterning perpetuated the ability to distort, hide or erase what actually happened. This was furthered in this time by our dependency upon technology to remember. Where will we be in one-hundred years I wonder?

The levels of control that so sadly are masking as freedom are scary and yet when one views our history as a steady dismantling of our innate ability to know the truth as well as where we came from and who we are, then we are presented with an opportunity to unravel this tapestry called the human condition.

A condition could be considered a state or an ailment, which are synonyms of the label. To me this refers to levels of stagnation and perhaps subjugation. Our history is built upon conquests and competition. Both of this patriarchal masculine in its origin. Like a virus, our history is riddled with war and conquest. Is this true? How does this being a truth reflect upon or current society and its collective mentality? In my opinion, rather poorly. Is this our unconscious drive? An aliment indeed!

The masculine is going through a collective change the likes of which have not happened in recorded history. Two things come to mind as I reflect on this statement, which I feel to be true. Either history books are full of lies or we are awakening to a more balanced reality. Personally, both of these seems true to me. We have been living out of balance for centuries and have suppressed the feminine aspect of who we are both as men and as women in order to conform enough to get what we need to survive. This is expressed as well through white supremacy.

With it being Black History month, I feel I want to touch on this a moment. Personally, I think it should be all people of color’s history month. As a society we are taught to distinguish and see differences between color or different religious origins as well as educational backgrounds and gender discrimination. From this point of view, they are weighed as less than or better than. This programming continues and has been the inception of some countries, if not all. The seeds planted at conception are always present as they make up the DNA of anything and everything that has consciousness. Everything is frequency, vibration and energy and through that truth the origins of inception can be seen as the compass for everything and everyone; including countries. Throughout our history, this has been represented in our books and so is thought of as true. This ill-formed foundation has reinforced this position in the collective psyche of our world.

As the world goes through this spiritual awakening the broken masculine who has ruled and dictated our current society and its history is being painfully revealed both personally and collectively. All that it has done, no matter how many books were burnt, or truths distorted is being brought to light. It is painful on so many levels, but in its wake is emerging a divine masculine that has yet to know himself. Due to the history of how man sees himself there is no reference and nothing to relate to. In this new relationship the divine feminine is holding space and in return he is doing the same for her. As this union of equality ripples throughout the lands, reaching every corner of the foundation of our society an expansion of expression unknow to our collective society is taking shape. As she is given the space to finally express her creativity and boundaryless possibility, her equally accepting partner will be there alongside her in all his presence and unconditional love.

When this happens, and it will, it is happening now, there will be no more follow the leader. There is no one to follow and no one to lead as we together as collective humanity trust in the unknown that is this spiritual awakening to a higher state of consciousness.

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