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Growing up on a farm I naturally spent a lot of time surrounded by animals and looking back on that time through my experiences and what I have learnt since having awoken, I am able to see them with a deep level of compassion that has so many layers than I had previously understood.

Like our fellow sentient beings, the animal kingdom, we have also been domesticated. This has manifested as our society, culture, traditions and everything that comprises the world around us. I wonder how often we reflect on how as a collective society we conduct our day to day lives and how we impact each other? To take that further, how we impact the collective expression.

Through religion we are taught that we are the superior race, above the animals and through expressions such as racial discrimination we continue judgement upon others as perhaps less than we are. It can be said that it is our nature to separate and judge. Our history books have certainly shown us that this is true. Where did this come from? Why do we do this? How is this being expressed in your experience?

I read somewhere that habits take 21 days to form and after that they are programs that play out as sustained training accomplished or hardened into a shifted reality. Effectively changing your neuronet to reflect this shift in personal reality. If this has been the norm for generations and generations, and our DNA is passed on from parents to children, how are we able to escape the myriad of epigenetic information that has become our so-called self. Where is your sense of self when we have been told how to be, through our genetics, education, religion, society, culture, tradition, peers, and on and on?

What do the animals see us as? Have we given them this level of respect? Or is that idea silly? Why should we care if they even think at all? What does considering this and the mental shifting and expansion of consciousness pose to the collective humanity expression?

If we see our lives, as hamsters on the wheel, so to speak, then we are born, educated, find a partner, have a career, a family, retire and then die. Our offspring are being conditioned to perform the same monotony. What is the point of it all? Why bother? What a bore!

How can we grow as a race when we spend our lives more or less repeating what was done before? Sure, more technology, and other entertainments to ease our pace of life, but what have we missed here?

Everything has a mold that we are trained to fit into and those who do not are often outcasted. These outcasts are here to see the programs that influence the whole planet. The patriarchal masculine and the suppression of the feminine expression exists because we have been trained and program to let it prevail generation after generation. And this is where the ones who have woken up come in. We are here to help break through these systems of domestication. The strife and struggle that the world is experiencing at this time is the conflict between how things have been and what they can be and are becoming. Patterns repeat because we have been trained and programmed through our DNA to repeat them and we treat this as normal. Einstein said that repeating the same thing over again and expecting different results is an expression of insanity. Does that sound like us?

The history books are full of lies. Media blitz gonna blind your eyes. (Don’t Drag Me Down-Social Distortion) When is it enough for you? What is really true!? Are you able to wake up to see how we and perhaps you have been domesticated? Are you ok with that? Are you growing or just doing what has been done before? Is your life satisfying, I wonder? If not, then what habit needs to be changed and why would you do this? What would be the cost to you?

What do you like about yourself and why? What have you been taught to look outside yourself for? How fleeting is it? Like a battery, do you need to be recharged again and again? Are the shadows of the world obscuring the light within you? If so, why are you letting this happen?

What are you afraid to let go of that was not truly yours and has never been yours? What will happen if you do this and let go of being domesticated?

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