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Coming Home

As days turn into weeks, month and then years

All that we have done, the happiness, the tears

Remain with us, although sometimes forgot

Like the first days of school, what were we taught?

Does it matter now that we are older?

Perhaps more cynical, a little colder?

As the world outside, so disturbed and bleak

How can we see it, and turn the other cheek?

When who we are comes from inside

What bothers us, we cannot run from nor hide

Something’s incomplete, I don’t feel whole

But where this comes from, I do not know

Everyone we’ve been they yet still remain

All we’ve said and done, all loses, all gained

The days left behind are so close by

The people we were only wanting to say hi

Their time with us, perhaps fleeting, so brief

Whether full of joy or crushed by grief

At some level their presence is stored

Not a connection to another, not a penetrating cord

The hardest to bring forward are the ones in pain

All they endured, so hard to see the gain

Yet they are still here, without them I’m incomplete

To have them in front of me, ask them to take a seat

Each of them a voice that wants to be heard

Trapped in my past, like a caged bird

I have grown up, I think, perhaps outgrown

The tapestry of who I am, within they are sown

No longer will I ignore that they’re there

They will be seen, and know that I care

The shame that I felt, the hardships still near

What I feel I am better than, is what I truly fear

This is only a viewpoint, so much more to see

As I call them home, so much to tell me

Of the time that they’re from, long ago from now

A clearer head and heart, the feeling, wow!

As the door stays open, so many more to come in

As pieces become whole, I call upon the child within

Tell me dear one, whatever you have to say

Tell me how it was for you during your days

In this body that is now so much older

That feels stronger and oh so much bolder

I was not always this way and you’re proof

No longer can I ignore, and seem so aloof

You are equal to who I am right here

No matter the in-between years

As I welcome you home, with open arms

Do not be scared, do not be alarmed

I love you so dearly, no matter what you’ve done

I am your divine parents, and you my beloved son

Please share with me, all that you are

No matter where I am, near or far

All who I was, no longer are you shamed

No more will you feel a disparaging name

I thought I could hide from you, but I was dead wrong

As we now come together, a celestial love song

United we stand and divided we fall

Please come to me, break down the wall

That I’ve placed to keep you forgotten, in a cage

The anger, the shame, and at times such rage

The people we entangled with were merely players

At some level helping to expose the layers

Of where my shadows were that I needed to show light

To help me be complete, help me to feel right

I need you with me in order to heal

To open my heart and feel what I feel

Without judgement to let it all flow through

To take all the time needed to get to know you

I can no longer run, as this aches in my bones

As my heart pains with such a gut-wrenching moan

So I ask you, plead, through this cathartic poem

With each passing day from now on, please come home

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