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Chapters and Nothing More

As a page in one's own life turns, the past takes over what once was the present moment. It becomes lost and falls into the realm of memory. Whether a minute ago or a year ago, the past is the past. The difference is only in how clear the memory is, which is determined by the illusion of time. This will eventually fade and turn to dust.

Not touching on quantum physics, life goes in a forward direction and does not return. Trying to relive a good time is often an experience that everyone will have. The unsatisfying experience is the lesson. To move forward in thought and deed is spiritual evolution; ruminating is time wasted; time that cannot be regained. Once it is spent you cannot get it back.

Seeing your life as a series of chapters can be rewarding. A book, titled Your Life can help you to appreciate the ups and downs that have brought you to where you are now and to who you are now. It offers you a deeper perspective on your life and perhaps can release you from any hold that a specific situation from your past might have on you. Looking at a series of events that have unfolded from any given point in your life can bring a bigger picture awareness to your story. As I've said in past articles, there are no mistakes in your life and by seeing the bigger picture, a random event which you have judged as either good or bad eventually finds its place.

Your ego is limited and its view of your past can be rather self-serving. This take on the ego does not pit it against you as your enemy but helps you to understand that it can only draw from the past as a reference point. This is about being open to the future and picking up your proverbial pen to continue to write your story.

Keeping your mind in the past is akin to having a ball and chain tied to your leg, stopping you from moving forward at the pace that you'd like. Your past is remembered to show you lessons that you have learned or lessons that you still need to complete. Emotions tied to the memory are part of the lessons and are nothing to fear. Why relive them again?

The intensity of the impact can show you something about who you are. It happened already and cannot hurt you again. Looking at this from an inner child perspective though can allow you to explore the impact that it might have had on the child that you once were. This child is still a part of you.

Ignoring your past is not what I am trying to get across, but rather looking at it as a way to heal and become more whole. This is not ruminating, it is about seeing trigger events that impact your present reality. Moving forward from this perspective can help you to write the forthcoming chapters with more clarity.

As each trigger event from your past is being remembered, your mind becomes more alert to this form of self-healing and they become more recognizable to you. This system can become a valuable tool to use in your goal of becoming whole and complete again. Creating a type of mind-map can allow you to better trace patterns that have played out in your life so that you can explore your own unique consciousness and assess what is useful for the present moment. This can further help you with moving forward and continuing your spiritual journey in the human form.

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