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Chains Don't Exist

In my own experience, I am my own worst enemy. As I humbly look at the truth of this statement, I feel like I am beside myself. Looking at who I have become, who I use to be, and who I can grow into.

"I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." - #Mark Twain.

To me, this #quote brings up the idea of a prison without bars. The prison is the one that we create for ourselves through unnecessary fear and worry. Life happens and then the next moment happens after that. This next moment is also called life. Being in a state of fear or worry about what may happen or what had already happened splits your mental energy and while it takes you away from this moment, it also connects you to a collective consciousness field that members of society have all contributed to at some point in their lives. There are certain trigger words that create an entanglement that if one is not centered in themselves, can easily get ensnared into. Being centred is about knowing who you are and seeing the events of your life as experiences. Another way to see this is by understanding the truth in the world's most powerful mantra, "I am." This is a reference to the part of you that is clear of all the life experiences that have become too real for you. When you say "I am sad" you are taking on that as an experience. It is temporary and in time you will be happy again, or not sad. It is your choice to let these experiences become your world. This takes time and if it seems heavy and a challenge, then take a step back and look at what your outside world looks like and how it may be influencing your inner world.

There is a path and a unique purpose for all of us. It is our choice to believe that or leave it in the recent new-age book where we may have come across it. There is so much information all over the place these days to the degree that whatever you want to know you'll find forty different versions of it, likely in fourteen languages and with photos and perhaps videos to make it even clearer for you.

One #question came to my mind as I wrote that last paragraph, thought control.

There is an ease with which we are able to gather information that was not possible three decades ago. On the one hand, it has been a benefit, but with every benefit there comes a cost. I feel that this cost or sacrifice is of our individuality. With so much information it is easier to be told who you are. Also, it is confusing and people are bombarded with so much information that it is difficult to know what to do with it all. The information age becomes a maze or a labyrinth that one can often feel lost in and in this regards it can mimic the experience of a mental #prison.

In the past life was simpler. This mentality is still with us, in our collective memory. Why do some people long for the past? Perhaps for a simpler time? Life is an illusion and you are the magician, able to create the life that you want by looking out into your world with your own eyes.

Your #

reality is in your mind and if you feel that you are in a prison then it is because you let distortions like fear and worry take over your life and become your world. You let these ideas build a prison around you within and those closed walls, there are no windows. This form of solitary confinement is how you become your own worst enemy.

The world dances to your tune and seeing how deep and powerful the mantra "I am" really goes, you are able to breathe the clean air of self-liberation and break the chains that you hadn't seen before but always knew they were there.

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