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Any Color You Like

Joseph Machney


 There is an innocence that I have witnessed with young children that I no longer see in people that are older. They have come into this world with a part of their consciousness still in an expanded spiritual plane of existence. In this place, boundaries and borders do not exist as there are no senses to define a reality.


The body our spirit inhabits is a boundary and we as a society further that boundary by placing limitations upon it through our words and thoughts. The body has parameters, this is true, but the mind and emotional body play a big role in creating those parameters. This brings me to society and how it has evolved into what we see today.


When one sees reality solely through the physical, mental and emotional filters then we subscribe to how we have collectively defined these expressions. The current model is based on limitations and the paradoxical competition that attempts to challenge these borders and yet only slightly redefines these restrictions.


Society is a collective subscription to an outlook on reality. This contributes to each member’s way of life. Each country has a unique history with certain parallels that connect them together and offer common ground, creating an opportunity for shared experiences based in this reality. From a spiritual perspective, this offers grounding or an anchor. I feel this is important and brings me to the left and right brain hemispheres. One being logical and the other creative.


If we came from a spiritual world and when our time here is done, we return to a spiritual world, then our time here is an interlude on our journey back to where we came from. Taking this into consideration, why do we invest so much in the inputs we receive from our body, through our senses? How is the emotional and mental framework based on the body’s sensory input? How can this be the whole truth when, from a holistic perspective, they are not complete until the balance of spiritual with the physical, mental and emotional is introduced into our reality?


The title of this article, ‘Any Color You Like’ is a reference to a track from the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of The Moon. Reading an interview about the album, the lyricist Roger Waters shared his idea that spawned the instrumental track. He was at a market one day when he came across a vendor who was selling fabric but only had various shades of blue. He caught Roger’s attention and said to him, “choose any color you like.” This, according to Roger, brought up the idea of free will and how we believe we have free will and yet in truth it is limited.


Creativity is unlimited. This, I feel, is how the works of the great artists and masters have stood the test of time. In their own ways, they were able to tap into another reality and channel it into this one. Einstein and Tesla are further examples of this ability in action. These people transformed our outlook on reality and have contributed greatly to this current society.


The limitations of the physical, mental and emotional body are a result of the recycling of energy that has been either stagnate or is continually replaced with the same energy, resulting in the same manifestations within their respective dimensional landscapes. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”


To me, that carries a lot of weight considering the theme of this article. When limitations are placed on an expression of consciousness than that expression is held within that paradigm and must experience reality through those ingredients or filters. Nothing changes if nothing new is introduced. This is cause and effect.


The spiritual world connects to us through our limitless creative expressions. We’ve never fully left it, as is evident in the child we once were and in those we see around us, when we take the time to notice them. So, we have limited ourselves in order to conform to a reality that is focused on restrictions. How is this growth? How is this evolution? Why do we do this?


The desire to belong is a powerful emotional experience. It is primal and it is said, originates from when we were in tribes where we needed the security of the tribe into order to stay alive. This is part of collective cellular memory and becomes further activated as we get older and more embodied into the human experience. Thoughts and feelings come up that were not there when we were so young and innocent. In a way, programs come online that put the logical and creative minds out of balance with each other. Due to not understanding its own nature, the emotional body is at a loss to try to explain these overwhelming emotions and so we suppress them or do what we can to suppress them. When in truth all the emotional body needs is to be experienced. A sore muscle cannot be ignored and yet we suppress or ignore emotions. How is this healthy? Are you afraid of a sore leg? Why are you afraid of your emotions?


The mental, emotional and physical bodies are three separate entities co-existing and yet we treat them as separate and often out of sync with each other. There is no separation in the spiritual, non-manifested world and yet as we get older, we are taught separation in so many fragmenting ways. I feel this is an error.


Love is the connection to an experience that cannot be defined. A child’s innocence that comes from their spiritual connection is love. There are no boundaries nor restrictions. There are no words for it. We try to place words and language and yet never fully convey the truth of what it is; the essence. It is not possible, because within possible is a conformity to boundaries that have been predefined. When definition is removed, so are limitations and in that moment, we return to innocence.

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