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A Non-Linear Life

We have been taught to see time as linear. As a way of conditioning us to society and all of its expressions, it serves us well. It serves the mental, physical and emotional processes as we have been molded to experience reality solely through this lens or filter. Our trajectory collectively is directed into the future and is considered as evolution. From this stand point we have become better than our previous generations. What we have been told is our history is displayed as archaic in our education system and yet truthfully, we have no idea of what truly happened, save for perhaps three, maybe four-hundred years ago. Who can truly say that the books that date back to say the 1600s are an accurate account of what happened? As I’ve mentioned before, our history is written by the victors and often white-washed and misogynistic. What is not being accounted for that could allow for a more complete picture of who we are as a race?

This, to me, reflects one error but does not fully encompass the consideration of a non-linear reality. In this reality, other states of consciousness are interacting within any given point of one’s life and at any moment but cannot be quantified within our limited constraints of how we have been taught through our three-dimensional filters. We support each other in the use of these filters and so becomes the foundation of our society. Within these filters are parameters or boxes. Stepping outside of these boxes rattle the confinements of which we are all instructed to adhere to. The consequences of doing this are both personal and collective and yet if it is not done than we will repeat the same patterns generation after generation. Where has this gotten us? Does the world seem healthy or sick? It’s a serious question and one could look back in history and ask if it has ever been healthy? How can we know what healthy is if we have always been taught sickness?

The impact of these imposed limitations oozes throughout our mind, body and emotions and is our collective conditioning. How easily led we are when we do not know the destination. Again, a linear concept that takes us away from what is happening in this very moment.

What does considering our existence as a non-linear experience do for us? Are we then age-less because time is a matter of being and end? Are we deluding ourselves and our personal reality in relationship to the collective agreement that we are instructed to take on as our truth? Can time be seen as a tool we use to relate to reality when necessary? Like a jacket you wear when it is cold and take off when inside the house. A spiritual allegory, perhaps?

What freedom does that offer you? If we are taught to see our existence as solely linear, then healing is a linear process and yet maladies may come back if the true source of them are not addressed correctly. How is that possible? Considering a non-linear perspective, physical, emotional and mental disharmonies can be sourced from multiple origins or may have a single source. Past lives certainly are a consideration that further expand upon the non-linear healing paradigm. So, with that in mind is everything happening in this now moment and is available for resolution? Why not? What rules have been taken on that negate this as a possibility? What do we believe is true and why?

I feel that answer comes from how we have been taught, either by mistake in education or religious teachings. These are often foundational in our upbringing, alongside our parents and family member’s values and what they feel to be the true nature of reality. These as well are often predicated upon by education and religion which generally make up the foundation of society.

Seeds are planted in our minds at a young age that take root in our bodies which often communicate through emotions. We need to feel loved, accepted and valued in order to get what we need to survive and so as a necessity for survival we adopt this societal model and in doing so limit ourselves to a linear perspective of reality. These from patterns that become habits. They are ubiquitous throughout our interactions with others and in my experience, there is a loneliness in this prescribed reality. There is no heart-based connection which allows for a deeper organic connection with another person. To see their reality, not as a manifestation of how they have become part of the system, but who they truly are behind the mask they are taught to wear.

To peel off the layers one by one helps us to see our personal truth in relationship to society and reality that we have been told is the only three-dimensions which we exist in. This old paradigm is worn out, done, exhausted. We are ready for a new reality, a new shift in consciousness. We are here now. The generations since 1969 have begun to break the restrictions of the old institutions whether it be religion, education, parenting, or anything else. Why 1969? A planetary consciousness shift, a bifrication, occurred where love and peace raised the vibration, lifting us from our waring ways and offering us a path of enligtenment. These generations are questioning the old ways and beginning to see that they no longer fit this new balance that is emerging and showing us a unified masculine and feminine expression as it begins to downstep into the collective consciousness.

As it does this, the linear outlook on our past, present and future will no longer fit and a non-linear life will open up doors we did not even know where there.

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