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A new take on self-judgement

When one is young, #life experiences can shape their perceptions of themselves and if not careful, these perceptions can attract similar situations that further amplify the impact emotionally. Kept hidden from the light of a deeper understanding, the uncomfortable experience is often separated from the consciousness and seen as something to avoid which labels the event as a source of #shame or #guilt. These self-prescribed associations are only true because it is chosen to be the truth.

#Reality is what we make it out to be and when one is lucid in their thinking, it is clear that every event in their life has happened in order to teach something. People are mirrors and lessons too. A lesson is an opportunity to grow. This has always been true and will forever be a universal law. By having this as a guide or a compass in one's life then it offers the clarity of self-evaluation and a question of truth for each individual.

Filters are always distortions and rarely hold truth, if ever, for the person that built them. They are built out of a need for self-preservation. An uncomfortable experience or a reaction from someone whom you trusted caused these to be built as a way of preserving the love that you feel you are receiving from them. This interaction and it's results are illusions and have no basis within your reality unless you allow it to. By this I mean you are giving it permission to have a place in your life, in your experience.

Everything that happens to you is yours. By accepting all of your experiences you are removing any judgement upon the event or yourself for having gone through it. If a scenario happens and you judge yourself, a similar situation will come up later in your life but at a different angle to show you that you still need to see it as part of your reality and that it can actually be your ally and has something to teach you about yourself. There is a lesson here, do you see it?

When you #judge yourself, your perception of the truth is distorted because its inception was built from a immature emotional body which did not evolve and grow with the rest of the emotional and mental body. When something is a trigger that comes up for you time and time again, then it does so because it is asking to grow and evolve so that it can become whole along with the rest of you.

Should an experience trigger something in you, instead of ruminating about it, which brings you out of the now moment, it is a good idea to address the feeling, to express it and get it out. By either writing it down or talking to someone about what you are feeling, you are getting it out of the emotional environment that has been stagnate for many years, perhaps since you were a child. This immature emotional environment is not a reliable place to stay and ruminate over something. It is no longer trustworthy, or truth-worthy. It never was and in truth it was never designed to serve that purpose.

Through ruminating you are running yourself in a circle with no new information allowed to enter. How could this honestly achieve any positive results? New intelligence must enter in order to have better clarity of what this lesson is here to show you.

By seeing your self-judgements through these new eyes, you are inviting them to be a part of your life-lessons which will help you to grow. Feelings of low self-worth, for example, are there to be embraced. Do this and let it teach you all it can. By distancing yourself from it, nothing else will happen. By exploring it, a new door opens up for you.

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