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At This Time

Joseph Machney


  For deeply feeling people the weight of the world’s strife cannot help but be felt in some way. Like the internet connecting us all together with the click of a button, the web of the world has an influence on everybody. As the world struggles to find a sense of peace, the collective manifestation that is now is the realization of multiple generations that have come before us. Their connection and contribution to society at their unique times were conditioned patterns that they played out which were taught programs that fit a particular narrative. The narrative forms our current society and rarely allowed for individuality to make a long-lasting impression. Why is that?


The people that stepped outside of the box have made an impact and were not forgotten and yet given their positive influence and the world that we now live in, how is it that their role was rather limited in the grand scheme of things? How does one judge whether it was limited? Perhaps that question can be answered by looking to where our attention is quite often directed, the strife of the world.


I truly feel that we are all connected. If not then why is it important that we are made aware of the tragedies of the world, around the clock? It has been this way since the radio and given the multi-media availability today, it is obviously even more so.


The truth is that we are all born the same; we are all human beings. And yet we are molded into segregation and separation in most every aspect of our lives. Through this lack of togetherness, borders and boundaries are always reinforced in some capacity. This I feel stems from a great unnamed fear.


When we are locked in our lower mind, our lower, undeveloped emotions and as a result the physical body is a mere transport system for this lack of harmony, then we will never be able to see beyond these programmed limitations. These lenses are how we see ourselves and the people in our lives. I see this as a cause and effect and is not the whole truth for everybody. Given the state of the world as this year comes to a close, it is a fair assessment of our collective disposition.


Is there more to life than this?


As always, that is up to you. Where is your energy being placed? What holds your attention? How do you feel before, during and after the experience? Is there an addiction aspect to this? If so then are you avoiding something in you that is asking for your attention? Have you felt this avoidance before? In what context has it surfaced? How do you unwind this to find your own truth, your own life?


The paradox of this time is that we are so much more connected via internet and yet thirty years ago we were more connected. The reason is the lack of sensory perception that other people share when they are physically in front of you. So naturally we as a society have never been more alone. So, in that loneliness we seek ways to fill that feeling that is not natural to who we are as human beings. We are naturally social creatures and have for so many generations been dependent upon each other to meet that need. When this is not met then we are vulnerable to outside influences. This is how our physical, mental and emotional bodies have been programmed to experience life. The question still remains, is there more to life than this?


When one sees life from a metaphysical and multi-dimensional perspective alongside the lower bodies outlook then more experience and the education that is brought forth through the experience will offer a more complete life experience. How can it not be so?


When you encounter other cultures with an open mind, their lifestyle cannot help but transform your personal world is some way. The more remote the culture, the more transformative it is. This is the same for your multi-dimensional bodies and their relationship to your generational and societal programming. Programming is structure and structure implies limitations and boxes. This is the innocence I have witnessed in children from birth until maybe six or so when they are being introduced into the conditioning that begins to mold them to become members of society. I truly feel that adults can learn so much about what life really means from their children. These lessons offer us so much more than anything that we can teach them about society which we are on some level asking them to take part in.


In closing, at this time, as this year wraps up, I feel that it is about our individual self-exploration and self-awareness that will determine the collective shift and how the year 2024 will play out. We have more power than we know and in that a light which reveals our inner shadows to be cleared. As this happens the troubles of the world no longer will impact us as much. It’s not about ignoring the troubles but in realizing that this great shift happens with the individual first. As we each do this on a personal level, then the shift happens on a collective level. I ask myself this as a reminder and, perhaps even a new year’s resolution, where is my focus, in the light or in the shadows?

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