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Mind, Body, and Spirit

Joseph Machney



In our heads most of the time


The world outside the body resigns


Our heart beats in time to the rhyme


Of Mother Earth’s silent chimes




The unheard words so loud to speak


Yet guides the world mostly unseen


The man made noise makes us weak


For us light-guided it all feels mean




Yet here we are, we’ve come to this


The great awakening we won’t miss


So many centuries so many lives


So many husbands so many wives




As the history attempts to be retold


The lies happening can be undone


What truly was in the days of old?


What has occurred under the sun?




What they want you to see


Doesn’t let your spirit be free


Distractions are truly everywhere


And we are asked to always care




So much energy and time goes away


Never is there time to rest, to play


Are we to see wrong from right?


The lens, not our own, a new insight




The quieter dimensions that are us


Never seen nor taught to trust


The breaking of a system, to crumble


The collective pain a loud rumble




The body, the foundation takes it all


The weight of more dreadful news


The more you know, you feel so tall


Not able to see the distorted views




The world you live a deeper enslave


This is not the news not all the rave


As we collectively sit within a cage


And wonder why there is such rage




Quietly guided by an undertow


That leaves us wanting to know


We think we know a lot


Yet somehow have forgot




The molding of our minds is deep


And we wonder why we can’t sleep


Still a slumber we have truly been in


If we think we’ve lived a life of sin




Another level of a controlled mind


In truth we’ve only missed the mark


As a result our outlook seems dark


How to leave our mindset behind?




How do these ways really serve us?


Stop please and let me off the bus!


The herd mentality I will not conform


Yet here I am , here I was born




A lonely path , at times so torn


Let artistic beauty pave the way


No boundaries or borders, a new day


A clarion call, a triumphant horn




Love is this the feminine wild


Unbounded like a small child


Connection to Mother Earth


This is the rebirth




How have you been taught to see?


Stand up and shout this is not me!


Break the shackles that you built


Grab your sword by the hilt




And cut the BS you thought was real


Out of your life and the one before


Realize that you are so much more


Promise yourself to make a new deal




Question what are your beliefs


Take a page from indigenous chiefs


There wisdoms and connected ways


Are so much needed these days




No longer can we see them as less


To see all as equals this is the test


Until that day truly arrives


How can this be our lives?




You do you and I’ll do me


That is the mindset of the free


Mind, body and spirit


Can you actually hear it?




Within we are all the same


No one has been named


No identity , only light


Seeing this will make things right




Again can we let go of who we are?


So much we don’t need to know


Just let our spirit be free, just let go


Soar finally like a shooting star




The density of this year


Does not need to be for you


Pause and wait to clear


In that moment there’s nothing to do




That is when the guidance comes in


Let it flow always from within


As your way becomes known


A new way will be shown




Let the world stand aside


As you triumphantly ride


The waves of transformation


Another mind vacation




As you sigh in relief


You realize , good grief!


What lessons I’ve learned


Bridges I needed to burn




A picture comes into view


Another awakening is due


To form a more complete you


You’ll not find this standing in a pew




In nature you begin to seek


Atop perhaps a mountain peak


Where there is quiet for you inside


Let this in your heart’s request abide




Listening to what it has to say


Do not push this guidance away


Rest with this personal path


Let it be like a cleansing bath




Time and again this is the true way


Let the many distractions stay


In the shadows where they belong


All is a lesson, nothing is wrong




To close this with a loving thought


This peace of mind can’t be taught


The box that you find yourself in


Perhaps too long you have been?




Who does this outlook actually serve


And is it true that you do deserve


A life of light and love and peace


Build a new foundation underneath




Unlearn, unlearn and finally let go


Stop the acting stop the show


Play the star in your own unique role


No matter the audience, be yourself

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