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A Way Froward

On the surface, it would appear that the world is struggling in a way that it has not been before. So how will we move through this, how will we move forward?

Our collective history has been heavily guided through the lens of a masculine perspective. Our history books have often favored the men whom have been portrayed as guiding our civilization into the world that we have today. From Ancient Egypt to modern day society, our religions, education system, commerce, and our overall culture throughout the world has had its origins mostly orchestrated by one half of the human species. From this perspective it is quite clear and evident by how society interacts with each other, that we are out of balance.

If the representation of the masculine has been as dominating and controlling as it has been shown throughout our history, or how it is remembered, then where has the feminine expression been throughout this time? Yes, there has certainly been mention of her contribution, but it is quite clearly not represented as equal to the men’s efforts.

Evidence of this has been through the countless wars and the annexation of another people’s land in the name of the country who has conquered and won the battle. Back and forth, time and time again. How much of what we are witnessing today has happened before? How can we move forward when this history is yet again our modern day?

The rights of women have struggled to be equal in our society. Researching this, it was around the 18th century when what would become the women’s equality movement began. Three-hundred years is quite honestly a drop in the bucket of time when you consider how many centuries humans have been here. And yet, if you read accounts of the indigenous people throughout the world, women were treated as equals in many cultures. I find it interesting how these were the people’s that were taken over and sent to live on smaller parcels of land, be it the druids/Celtic people in Europe now in Ireland, Wales, Brittany, and a few other places, having been formerly spread out throughout most of Europe until Julius Caesar came along or the aboriginals in Australia. There have been so many accounts of this throughout the world. Such aggression, such hatred and discrimination.

I wonder what fear underlined this need to take over and dominate? How could one justify this level of aggression unless there is a deep fear underneath that they will lose something important to them? Is that the fear that is coming up once again? Are we training ourselves and each other to be fearful and to see this world as going through Armageddon? Is this distorted expression of the masculine scared of losing what it has coveted for centuries?

There is a divine feminine and masculine that is emerging upon the planet in a way that has never happened before. This has not been written about in the history books that we are forced to read and learn as our true history, nor do the other institutions that are present at the moment mention them. Although the multiple media platforms are telling a very different story, a new reality is coming that is not able to be discerned by the senses that we are taught to use exclusively. So how can it exist? How can it be quantified?

When we are able to see our history and the disjointed recounting of the masculine and feminine representation, it gives us an opportunity to see the patterns that have played out again and again. From these insights we are able to make a personal choice to no longer buy into them as our personal truth. They do not need to define us. Through that personal proclamation we can witness what is going on, but with a broadened perspective, we will be able to see the true feminine and masculine energy that has been our innate expression since we were born. This realization will help us to unravel not only our personal story but of our family as well. The patterns that have perpetuated in our society have done so because they have perpetuated throughout our generations as well. From inner child healing to the healing of humanity. The ways we have neglected both the divine masculine and feminine within ourselves can be tapped into through understanding what we went through as a child. The years where the truth of who we are, a balanced divine masculine and feminine expression were corrupted by societal programming of who we should be to be a part of this world so that we are loved can become clear. The juxtaposition leaves us with a choice, a new journey, a new way forward.

Our attitudes create our reality and through that the collective reality. How is this reality supposed to change if our attitude is the same as it has been since Ancient Egypt? It is because of the feminine that any of us are here and yet we have disrespected her forever. Again, I ask, what is the masculine afraid of losing? I feel it is himself and in the wake of that loss comes the divine, benevolent masculine to take the hand of the feminine. Not the weakened, through so many centuries of inequality, but the equal divine feminine.

This divine union is here now, and it IS our way forward.

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