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Thoughts are Machines

Mankind has invested in machines for many centuries. From the first labor-saving device to what has become artificial intelligence. The world is run by machines and we have given our power away to them. Proof of this statement is evident in the dependency of which we have on our computers and cell phones. Tied to these realities it is difficult to conceive of a world without them, particularly for the younger generations and the children who were born into this world with no recollection or experience of a life without cell phones.

All of these technological advancements, when stripped down to what it truly is, becomes a life-enhancement device. A vehicle for adding to one’s life. Joined with other technologies, it creates a social environment of devices that are orchestrated by mankind. Men and women use these to project themselves onto the world stage. Albeit hiding behind these altered personalities. Who lives behind these realities?

Where I am going with this is the idea that this is the same manifestation that has been created by mankind in the beginning. Interesting idea, you ask? Consider the concept of thought and what that is as well as the role it has played in the overall evolution of the human race. We have recorded our thoughts in our minds and have transmitted them to each other through the vehicle of communication. Language passed from person to person froms a continuity of a dialogue that begun in ones own head as thoughts. Saved in the form of written books, the thoughts live for as long as the book does, often superseding the person who originated it. As time goes on, perhaps a face remains and a guess as to who the person was. His or her thoughts remain though.

Like a computer program these thoughts can travel the world, reaching all of its inhabitants. Well, not quite all. These are ones whom I want to focus on, for they are certainly in the minority. People who have not been caught up in the western world of the last fifty years at least are at an advantage if they choose to explore the potentiality. These individuals coming into the western world can make the juxtaposition of thoughts and the information age.

People are able to think faster than a computer does, but the tools of which he or she was taught to express the thinking is limited to its creator. Each word has an association and each association brings with it an image that creates a deeper association depending upon the person’s history be it cultural, educational, religious, etc. These boxes, are connected and could be viewed as personal websites. Communication between two people could be seen as websites interacting with each other. As they do information is passed back and forth. Sometimes one challenges it and then it branches out into another website. All of it creating a complex dialogue of interconnected websites.

On the surface it may appear that thoughts and their expressions are unlimited but in truth, like the borders of a website, they are not. The parameters are there and if not seen for what they are then thoughts will forever be a machine that runs in your mind and entangles with your emotions and causes a third entity which given the tumultuous tendencies of emotions and mental entanglements either within oneself or with another person will cause disharmonies or disease within the body. The body is the resting place for thoughts. Consider that for a moment, and then thank your body, or apologize to it.

Machines play out programs, as I’ve said before. Thoughts play out programs too. What stops a machine? Who has the power to stop thoughts? There was something smarter that created the machine or the computer. There is something wiser that allows the thoughts to run amok in the mind.

By seeing thoughts as machines, you are afforded the opportunity to see them from the limited perspective that they truly have. People get lost in their thoughts because they do not understand their history nor their origin. By relabeling your thoughts into something other than what they are conventionally thought as allows for new light to be shone upon them.

At that moment you can ask yourself, do I want to set my cell phone aside and spend time with what is most important to me, or do I want to continue scanning through the social media page that I have been on for the past half hour? Are your thoughts any different? This is your choice; it is your limited time here. Choose how you spend it wisely. Be the master of your mind, not its slave.

Love and blessings until next time.

Joseph Machney


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